Saturday, 23 January 2010


A run was had...given the icy conditions that are still present on the majority of routes we would like to take, Karen and I opted for an out and back along the Canal from Bishopbriggs. It has come to my attention that Karen has started reffering to me as 'The Late Rachel Stevesnon' can't think why..but determined to get shot of this tag I was making good progress..untill I hit a blockage on Boclair Rd, just by Dobbies. There's been a collision and so I turned round and headed back to take the other route...makin me 15 mins late..I think Karen thought I was fibbing as I met her stare when I pulled in to the Playdrome...

Anyway eventualy we got started, the first three miles I felt like my legs were lead but we managed to chat along. The canal was completely frozen still, the poor swans and ducks trying to find the water. We saw two buzzards, chris fron Kirky olympians..lookin strong in his mara trainin, and it really was quite a nice change to run along the canal. We both commented on how we usually have times and goals when we run the canal but today we just ran.

It wasn't an overly long run just 6 out and 6 back but it was a good start. My knee was a bit niggly..just keep on rollin it I guess.

Friday, 22 January 2010


Forgive me I have sinned..its been so long since my last post.

Its due to a few was that Nov was a pretty busy time at work..the 5th really does stir up the coals it seems. The chaos of Christmas, and the fact that the pc is rarely free nowadays!

I think I need a laptop!

The main reason however is that I really felt I had little to say about my runs..they've been made up of short 'fit it in run like sh*t' runs and non runs due to the ice which stuck around for ages!!

I did a few long runs with Karen before christmas among them...Milngavie-Balmaha. Balmaha-Bein Glass but I had a sore knee and got concerned that my plans for the fling were ambitious.

Tomorrow we are headin out again and I will sure it will be good and get me back on track!! Hopfully no grief from the knee! Will post no matter what!!
Cody winnin the Jack Shirley memorial Garscube Christmas handicap cup.....after he ran so hard he spewed his dinner everywhere!! Nothin to do with Maz makin him run hard or me givin him his lunch less than an hour before...Looooooooong story!!