Monday, 30 June 2008


Nipped out for a short run when Jeremy got in. Just did the 5k route from the house as I was short of time. It always surprises me how far 3 miles's always longer than it should be!


Sunday, 29 June 2008

Easy week

Although I feel that I have been running easy more than I should at this stage of training the plan said that this was an easy week.

We decided to make it a hilly route as there were no goal times or paces.

It felt quite cold and overcast when we set out a 8 30, the few mo moments that the sun did break through were deliciously hot though!! A sample of what we are missing. Not complaining as I don't run well in the you may know.

I met Robert at the Tickled Trout, from there we ran back into Milngavie along the Allander water path. The plan was to do the Bearsden and Milngavie 10k route from there. I knew the second half of the course and Robert knew the first half, well I though he did! It is known as 'the tough one' as it is quite a hilly course. It winds up in to the hills behind Torrance and Balmore before turning and dropping back down to Milngavie. It's a great route through the country lanes and greenery of the area.

I think that we didn't so much 'miss a turn' as take an extra one. Ending up on the top road that drops back down to Strathblane road. As it turned out it was OK as we needed to add a mile onto the route to achieve the 10, It is almost as though I subconciously factored in Roberts navigational hiccups when planning route!;-)

My garmin battery ran out almost as soon as we started so no hard and fast data but it was 10m in about 90 mins.

Saturday, 28 June 2008

Saturday Six

Did the 6 mile loop from my house. Stockiemuir, Craigdhu, Milngavie Road, Canniesburn, Drymen Rd. Ran quite easy chatting most of the way.

6m- 53:12

Thursday, 26 June 2008


had a really good yoga session with Jo this morning. I was working on Monday so we moved it to Thurs.

As a result I cut the 30 min planned tempo to 25 min as an hour and a half of yoga is not to be sneezed at!

I did 3.21m in the 25 mins only a bit slower than the 7:30mm that I was aiming for. Quite happy with that as my legs were tired from the yoga.

Route: From house along Gartconnell, Drymen Rd, Canniesburn, Maryhill Rd, Skaethorn, Dorchester, Great Western, Anniesland, Swithback, Drymen Rd.

25min tempo 3.21m average 7:48mm

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

You don't eat two lunches!

I had been tempted to go out this morning and do 3 more reps.Then PB magazine dropped through my letter box and I was reminded (by Bill Bowerman p 8) that trying to play catch with your training is never a good idea!

"If you miss a training session, you don't try to do more the next session. It's like eating. If you miss breakfast, you don't eat two lunches!"

So that was me off the hook!

Instead I went out for an easy run with Lucie. She really does struggle with sport in doesn't come naturally to her. What she does have is plenty of determination and strength of character. Persevering with things that faster kids would have given up long before! She really reminds me of that saying:

"hard work beats talent, unless talent works hard!"

In the Club 3k race last week she ran 17m 05s which was over 2 mins faster than the last 3k race we had at Garscube just a few weeks ago!

Last night we set off round the loch...with Daisy in tow. We chatted and saw the Swans (only 3 left:-(). I looked at my watch at 2.3k and couldn't believe it when I saw the time was 14m. Realising how close to her pb this was we picked up the pace for the remaining .7 finishing the 3k in just over 18m, not bad for an easy training run!

When her mind wasn't on the time she totally relaxed and even chatted achieving a great training run time. All of us 'Garmin watchers' could learn a thing or to from that"!

3.37k 21:35mins

Tuesday, 24 June 2008


After the kids session which was 300m reps at the science park...they all complain but love it really!
Met Robert and Colin down at the Loch. We had had a coaches meeting and were therefore quite late, as a result when I dropped the kids off at the house I did not have time to find my inhaler.

It's quite a while since I have run at all without taking it and in some weird way I think I thought it would be fine!!

I do not suffer from badly asthma. In fact it wasn't until I had been running for a year or so it was identified. (exercise induced)

I only managed 2.5 reps and my lungs were not willing to take any more. I stopped and timed the others instead.

The swans were out of the water on the path. The cygnets were grazing the grass and mum and dad were protectively guarding them. They were willing to let us past on each lap, we kept as wide a berth though!

2x1000m 4:12, 4:19, dnf 3rd!

Sunday, 22 June 2008

14miles in the Bag

It wasn't easy,

I chose quite a hilly route, I was really determined not to do an out and back.

I ran from the house out through Clobber to the West Highland Way. I then branched out to Strathblane and ran back along Strathblane road. This road is much hillier than I is also very busy and goes on and on and on. With relief I eventually turned in to the reservoir, did half the circuit, through Drunclog car park and back down to Clober. Then the last mile and a half home.

It was a muggy drizzly afternoon. There was not much to comment on, aside from the amazing view, which I never tire of seeing. The one from the wall, where you can look out across the valley towards Dumgoyne, it was just a case of getting it done! I felt fine and kept a good pace on the flat sections, still slowing quite a lot on the hills though.

14m 2:03:19 average 8:49mm

Saturday, 21 June 2008

The 'Loose Jaw' rule

Late run today, didn't set out till 4:30pm. Needed to get rid of a lot of toxins after a lot of them were consumed last night!

I did a few sun salutations as a warm up, and then impressed Cody with my headstand:-) and set out.

The first 3 miles were quite tough, having not run much this week I was feeling quite heavy legged. The more I focused on them the worse they felt. I consciously changed my focus to my breathing and remembered the 'loose jaw' rule (relax your jaw and EVERYTHING else relaxes taught by midwives and athletics coaches alike...and it works) I felt my legs and shoulders relaxing making the second half more comfortable.

It was muggy and close with the odd spot of rain.

The route was down the wedge, along Milngavie Rd down past the West of Scot Rugby club, out past Esporta. into the reservoir at the far gate, back through Milngavie town centre then finally craigdhu and back through the wedge home.

6m-50:37 (first 5k 26:44 second 5k 23:53)

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Good Luck ! -Pushing the Bubble of Life.

Having followed quite a few crazy cat blogs of West Highland Way Race entrants I want to make this a special post to wish them all well this weekend!

Just in case you all feel a big void in your lives after the pain has subsided..(remember 'Pain is temporary Quitting is Final'-Lance Armstrong) You will all be looking for the next big challenge....what could possibly catch the attention of anyone willing to run the WHW in one go??!! Click on this link and find out!! (Could this be the future Debs?)

Good Luck and enjoy the next few days of rest and relaxation.

Rules are made to be broken...if only to remind us of why they exist!

Another hectic day leaving little scope for a run. But I was determined to get out today.

Having made a big pot of Bolognaise, which I left simmering on the stove under Jeremys' watchful eye, I dashed out, promising to be back in 25'. (plenty of time for him to sort the pasta!)

As I hadn't run since Sunday I decided to do the 5k route at a steady pace to reassure myself that I still have a bit of umpf!!

Unfortunately in my haste (well my taste buds were watering with the smell of tea!) I broke the golden rule and didn't warm up...not even a gentle start...just straight in there...

As I descended down Mosshead road to Milngavie Rd I felt good, happy with the pace and the fact that I was comfortable. Milngavie Road to Asda was OK too, maintaining a reasonable speed on the inclines and junctions. It was only as I got half way along Chapleton that my lack of warm up caught up with me, calves started seizing up and my right shin was not happy!! I had to cut the pace for the rest of the route, chastising myself all the way for being so daft.

Still by the time I got home I realised that Rules are made to be broken....if only to remind us of why they exist!

It will be a while before I do that again!

k splits-4:47, 4:34, 4:52, 5:23, 4:52 (spot the most painful Kilometer!!)

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

The clouds gathered; but the race went on!

I haven't had 2 seconds spare today to fit in any training, but I did attend and help the junior race.

As I arrived at 5 55pm the clouds gathered and the rain began...the usual then! It was a good night though with well over 40 kids turning up along with quite a few parents.

I brought up the rear on the kids warm up jog (I mention this as it is the only bit of running I managed to get in today!) The kids gathered at the start where Stuart blew the whistle and they were off.

Using the leftover bananas from the race on Saturday I made 6 loaves of banana bread which seems to have gone down well with the finishers, parents and Marshall's!

They all did really well, Cody ran the 3k in 14:17m and was second in pack B. Lucie did brilliantly with a time of 17:03...a real improvement for her and a great achievement. They were both rewarded with trophies for 2ND place.

I think they are now sleeping with them and plan to take them to school tomorrow for show and tell!
Slightly blurry Lucie on the home straight!

Monday, 16 June 2008

Birdsong and Airplanes

Yoga today was great. I am sooo enjoying it. We did the session outside in Jo's back garden as it was such a beautiful day. Instead of the yoga cd's bird song...and airplanes!

I felt it took me a little longer to get focused as my mind was still playing over yesterday, and how I felt, but when I managed to get my breathing sorted I relaxed right into the session.

When I say relaxed I don't mean it was easy! I mean I still can't make my hands meet each other after wrapping my arms around my legs and body...but I'm sure it will come!

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Something Lacking

Aimed to run 13 today. Got up and out for 8am. But there was something lacking. Energy.

I had none of it. I tried but had nothing to give. I thought things might improve as they sometimes do, but it was not to be.

Took the Allander water route from Milngavie to Garscube estate, as I set off down towards the river Kelvin I decided to call it a day :-(

I turned back and 'jogged' along Milngavie Road to the Allander leisure centre, where I knew the kids were due at 10am. Then walked along to Milngavie to collect the car with Jeremy.

9 miles -1h15m

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Easy 5

Ran 5 and a half easy. I was helping out at the Bearsden and Milngavie Highland games 10k today so just got out and got a run in before hand.

Ran down Drymen, Maryhill Road then up Rannoch, Boclair, Milngavie Road then back up the wedge at McDonalds. It was a lovely morning.


Thursday, 12 June 2008

30 min tempo

Just in from this weeks tempo run. It is a lovely day with a light breeze. As I left the house the breeze felt quite cool.

I ran a mile warm up, through the wedge to Craigdu. Then reset my Garmin and began the tempo.

It didn't take me long to get into a reasonable pace, the goal pace was 7:15-7:30. The route took me along North Dumgoyne, Craigton Rd, Milngavie Road to Canniesburn then up Drymen Road.

I am still struggling to keep pace on the inclines. The last mile really brought the average pace down as I just could not hold my rhythm as I turned up Drymen, that light breeze felt like a strong wind as it turned against me....I actually wonder if the struggle with that stretch of road is all in my head now as I expect to slow there! I did fine on the west end inclines last week.

1m warm up
Average pace-7:30mm
1m warm down

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Kids 3.1

Took the kids for a 3 mile run tonight. Easy pace.

We ran out along the canal from Westerton/Next Generation to the locks at Maryhill, then back along the kelvin. They ran really well so were rewarded with their favourite game, British Bull dogs when we got back to Garscube Estate!

New Shorts. Long Reps

I was struggling to get motivated at the thought of doing 5 x 1000m reps. Before I could talk myself out of the session, I took emergency action and pulled on my new running shorts (Adidas with a groovy little key pocket:-)) that I got in the Achilles Heel sale yesterday! Nothing like new kit to motivate!

It was quite windy, the middle section was quite tough as there is a gap in the trees where the wind streams right down and buffets any attempt to move forward with any speed. (getting my excuses in early!) The Loch is looking stunning with all the lillies out creating a carpet of green and yellow.

The first rep I felt like my lungs were on fire, it was a relief to get it over and walk the 200m back to the start while my body caught up with itself and recovered. Numbers 2,3 and 4 were as they should be tough but OK, the 5th one I had to dodge a toddler outing. (2nd excuse!)

I find the reps great concentration practice, I challenge myself to focus on running for set distances during the 1000m...sounds easy but by the time I have reached 200m I usually find that I am thinking about anything other than running. I have to pull my mind back from 'what's in the fridge for tea' or 'did I feed Daisy (the dog) today!'

As is always the case (for me) with reps, they are the least looked forward to but the most satisfying session. Felt good to have them under my belt, in the bag and out of the way for another week!

The Swans have had their babies. 4 cygnets have hatched out. Aren't they sweet, hope they manage to avoid the Fox this year!

5 x 1000m. 4:10, 4:10, 4:10, 4:12, 4:15 (the one with the toddler outing:-))

Monday, 9 June 2008

Yoga 3

Just back from my Yoga class. Feeling great. After just 3 classes I am starting to feel as though I know what I am doing and what's more- I am seeing the benefit.

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Pics from yesterdays West Highland Way Relay. The Start!

Theresa, Gillian, Katherine and I setting off. Not my best angle;-)

Thanks to Dave Heppel for the pictures.

The hidden path!

Set of at 9am this morning.

It was drizzling a bit but the air was still warm.

At some point soon after it must have stopped raining, not sure when.

I was looking for the path that had mystified me the last time I ran the canal....I still couldn't find it, I think I will need to do the route in reverse sometime. The searching was rewarded as I did find a great cut through from Cadder which gives the option of heading to Torrance or Balmore. It would be an easily extended route as the runs increase over the next few weeks.

Felt ok, it was a conservative pace the effort was being put into the distance!

Route: my house down Drymen rd to Garscube, through the trail to the river kelvin. Then cut up to the canal and ran out to Cadder where we cut off and ran down the Kelvin Valley walkway. It lead us right through the middle of the Golf course which gave the added bonus of annoying a few golfers:-). It was a good route. We came out at the Balmore garden centre. Then finally the Allander water path back into Milngave.


Saturday, 7 June 2008

West Highland Way Relay...Leg 1

There was only one way I could think of to describe to you how I felt this morning when my alarm went off at 5.50 and it was by showing you the above clip. That was exactly how I felt...then realisation struck as to why I had set my alarm for this unearthly hour! Saturday 7th June. The club WHW relay and I was on the 1st leg. Starting at 7am!

I think I must have been swearing under my breath as I finally stumbled out of bed. Jeremy muttered in his sleep..'you'll be fine when you get out there!' Yeah! Course I will, that's the easy bit! Have I mentioned that I don't do getting up well?

As I stepped outside the warm air surrounded was going to be a scorcher. Suddenly I was glad to be on the early stretch. I jogged the .75m down to Milgavie Road where my fellow 'leg 1' runners were collecting me-Theresa and Gillian. As I was waiting Katherine (the forth member of the leg) came running round the corner. Totally putting me to shame, she approached- smiling -shouted 'see you in 5' and carried right on past! Yes, she was running to the start....well it was only about a mile. Why didn't I do that!!

We gathered in M & S car park. I was pleasantly surprised how many Garscubers were out at this crazy time. The timekeepers were all given their bright yellow stopwatches, and we all made our way to the start.

Now I run the start of the west highland way A LOT, so it was quite novel to have a whole load of fellow runners there (at 7am-did I mention that?!)to cheer us on and say 'ready, steady GO!'

It was great running with the girls. As predicted the sun was really hotting up and I was glad I had chosen to wear my running vest. We ran a comfortable steady pace. As I don't make the adults sessions at the club now a days there was lots to catch up on. They had all done the Dunbarton 10k on Thurs and had done some absolutely fantastic pb's. Well Done to them all.

We were chatting so much we reached the Carbeth huts in next to no time. As we approached we heard a runner approaching, catching us up. It was Robert M. He was upping his miles and had caught us up easily. He ran our leg in addition to two more planned stretches of the Way!

Team Garscube support team were waving us on at the road:-) Wish they were out in such force to cheer me on on all my weekend runs!! Mind you any other day and I would assume it was an hallucination!

I know I did this route last week but it is amazing how different it can be from week to week. The time flew in and I hardly noticed the miles fly by. We were approaching the Beech Trees....100 meters to go. Suddenly, everyone remembered it was a relay 'race' and started sprinting....I wasn't going to be left behind so I did too! It's amazing what a few spectators with stop watches and a finish line can do!

I was sorry that I couldn't carry on up to Fort William and lend support for the runners at later stages. I had to work in Glasgow today.

It was a great experience though and I can't wait to see how everyone got on throughout the day.

The sun shone and I am sure they will all be partying hard up in Fort William as I write this!

6.9m -1:06

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Good Garscube Tempo

Tonight I ran while Rory played football.

Running from Garscube estate I headed off down Maryhill road, the atmosphere was warm and know what happened next. The biggest globules of rain you ever saw. I had just done the first mile and the heavens opened.

I love running in the rain, running past all those people huddling under brollies, hiding in doorways, wrapped up in macs, and you just power on by in shorts soaked to the skin and loving it! I was so wet I didn't even care when I got totally drenched by a passing double decker...I think I like it cause it is one of the only times you really get to act like a kid. Not a care in the world when all around you are trying to keep dry.

Anyway I ran down to Queen Margaret Drive, Byres Road (where every restaurant had a police car outside it?) Up Highburgh Road, down Clarence Drive then back up Crow Rd-Anniesland x to Garscube.

It was a great run probably because I haven't done much this week, batteries must have been fully charged;-)

1 mile-7:51 warm up
4.17m-30mins (tempo) average 7.12mm
1.48m-12:10mins warm down

Wednesday, 4 June 2008



I was tagged by Debs.

Here are the rules and my reply.

* Tagging is easy. Just copy the following onto your post.
* The rules of the game are posted at the start of your blog post.
* In this case, I'm asking you five questions about running.
* Each player answers the five questions on their own blog.
* At the end of your post you tag five other people and post their names.
* Go to their blogs and leave a comment on their blogs telling them they've been tagged and to look at your blog for details.
* When they've answered the questions on their own blog, they come back to yours to tell you.

1. How would you describe your running 10 years ago?

I would have been 5 months pregnant, and had an 13mth old toddler...I hadn't run since school!

2. What is your best and worst run/race experience?

Lochaber Marathon was the best, everything coming together after all the training. Worst experience is not running. Was unable to run for about 7 weeks and it was awful.

3. Why do you run?

Because I hate not running! It also means I can eat whatever I want;-)

4. What is the best or worst piece of advice you've been given about running?

Best: Just get out there and run. (Flash)
Worst: Running is bad for you, it jumbles up your insides! (Won't name her!!)

5. Tell us something surprising about yourself that not many people would know.

I once sang backing vocals for Barry Manillow.

I am in a band called Jump City...we are performing a the Renfrew Ferry on the 5th September. Tickets available now!

I will tag Marco cause I don't think Debs did!! Turns out he is already tagged, that's me down to 2! Stephen cause we should all know more about him than his trials with his sportband! and She who makes waves the first person to comment on my blog whom I didn't know before joining blogland!

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Warm up and warm down!

I didn't manage to fit my session in today with one thing and another. The most I managed was the kids training. We took the scenic route up to Dawsholm Park and did some shuttle runs and a game of Hare and Hounds.

At least it is a bit of a run with warm ups and warm downs. The static stretches alone were probably good following the yoga! I can feel the effects of yesterdays session but they are far less than the first time!


Monday, 2 June 2008


Did my second yoga session today.

I really enjoyed it and while it was still tough I didn't find it AS hard as last time! I am really noticing the areas that really need work.... hamstrings mainly.

The thing that I am learning about Yoga is that the positions that look hard are actually not too bad. The positions that look easy are impossible!!

The relaxation bit at the end is amazing.....ahhhhh

I think I will have to reserve complete judgement on my body's ability to cope till far I still have full movement in both my arms!

I will let you know!!

Sunday, 1 June 2008


Robert and I decided to run the first section of the West Highland Way this morning.

By the time we started it was close to 9am, having dropped one car off in Drymen.

It was another scorching day. (I am told Berlin can be quite hot so I guess it's good training) For some reason it feels more of an adventure running point to point.

The route is a very familiar one, but no less breathtaking. Today was so clear. Even Ben Lomond was braving the skies without her usual misty covering.

I had forgotten how many gates there are once you pass the Beech Trees! Double sets every quarter of a mile, some of them are really quite fascinating with their weights and chains and different self closing contraptions. Makes it tricky to really get into your stride though. I wasn't complaining today though as I was in no hurry.

There were lots of walkers out, setting off on their 95 mile challenge. As I approached Drymen I passed an older couple coming in the opposite direction (obviously) who were covered in lots of banners and signs. Turned out they were walking from John O'Groats to Lands end for Marie Currie. Now there's a challenge. Didn't get chance to ask them how long they were taking to do it in. I wished I'd had my camera.

Drymen was full of drunk teenagers ( was only about 11 am) and they had clearly never seen a runner before (obviously not from Maryhill) Grabbed a roll and coke in the wee cafe (another perk of a point to point:-) and came home.