Monday, 31 August 2009


Ran three on Friday around Tesco and Milngavie, 4.38 with Karen on Saturday out along the west highland way and back after a pretty quiet shift.
Hit Clydebank with the watch ridiculously early..17:30 which can only lead to well I really don't know...thought I would have remembered somethin by now but no luck...will tell you when I do! Not been sacked yet so it must have been within the law!

Anyway feeling pretty delicate on Sunday, Karen was good enough to meet me for a run along the canal, towards Dunbarton taking a few little detours to the Clyde along the footpaths. We followed the cycle path from Bowling hitting the top end of the Dunbarton 10k route before turning.
We weren't aiming to run fast, Karen having an Achilles niggle still and a little indulgence of her own....(almost new Let me have a shot;-))causing a bit of the favoured bubbly to be drunk in Hoose de K on Sat night. We did notice however that we kept having to slow down on the way back managing the odd sub way too fast for an easy Sunday don't you think!!

So I have today entered myself for the Saab Salomon Turbo X, Mugdock

For those who can't be bothered to follow the link here's what it says..

TURBO X IS PURE FILTH! The maddest, muddiest run of the Saab Salomon Trail Running Series and will not disappoint with 10 miles of the gnarliest mix of mud, sweat and trail! Hidden within a natural assault course of water, sand, marsh and muck lurks the SAAB X ZONE.... A 1- 2 mile section of the craziest trail terrain to push your stamina, agility and perseverance to the limit! You'll wade through watery wildness, clamber through mud, sand and bog, charging your way through the roughest off road track you can imagine!

Of course I run round Mugdock ever hard can it be??!!

BTW I have titled this post turbo x with the hope that if I say it enough my running will start to be a little more turbo loaded....andn whatever the x stands for!
8m- 1:10

Friday, 28 August 2009

Who would of thought....

Those of you from around here will know that there has been a proliferation of shiny new PPI secondary schools appearing over the last wee while. Most of them opening this term.

A timely turnout for me this morning found me scouring one such building for a randomly numbered smoke detector. Whilst in the process of executing this duty I found myself staring disbelievingly at a tidy row of hair straighteners in the girls changing areas!! I won't go into too much detail about my school way back when, it was a good school but a hair dryer was not part of it's inventory...and the thought of the mankey cracked tiles, the side sprinkler shower run and the PE teacher Miss Sparks who used to stand at the end of it 'checking you were 'wet' (WTF); even though Tom cruise in mission impossible couldn't have got through that thing without getting wet!) still sends shivers down my spine.

So here I am staring at this classy row of hair straighteners and this sketch just popped into my head:

Thursday, 27 August 2009

another 3

Ran three this morning out around Milngavie and back. Twas a very fine morning.
Any one else notice this story... (note to Subversive..don't get any silly ideas now!!)

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Perfectly timed

Well I was all set and ready to run last night when MR S got in, but as he did he reminded me that it was his yoga night...damn. Not that I take that away from him...but I was all set with garmin ready and shorts on adn there's nothing worse than taking your kit off without the run before!

Today I was on an RTC course cutting up cars and getting slightly overheated in the all black jumpsuit that SFR deem suitable for such activities. When I got home I was keen to get out and make up for last nights missed run.

I took the car down to clobber car park and ran out along the whw to the Carbeth huts, up the ridge back through the stock fields and the steps toreturn to the whw for the last mile or so. Total of 7 miles in an ok 1:02:04 (to be exact!!)

It was a lovely eavening despite a moody set of clouds, I timed it perfectly as I got back to the car just as the light was failing and the car park was becoming frequented by those who didn't look like they were there to walk their dog!

One of the randomly selected tunes on the old ipod was this which I hadn't listened to for ages.

All that I can I can to myself I call.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Giant bike

Ran three on Friday and Saturday myself then met Karen this morning to do 6 along the canal. Her Achillies had been playing up so we decided to keep it relatively flat and short. We left the car at Westerton and did three out towards clydebank...the Playdrome marking the three mile turnaround point and much needed loo stop! The above is a picture of KAren with the Giant Bike that marks the canal.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Three shorts

Been out for three short 3 mile runs so far this week. Mon Tues and today. All took far more effort to get over the threshold than the actual runs themselves! Have been quite busy at work with one thing and another so it's not like I've been sitting on my ass!! Here's a few pics to prove it! The mobile fire training unit was based Clydebank and so Brooksy (the other newbie) and I got the opportunity to brush up on our skills!

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Menacing Coo

Not a bad weekend running wise. The heavens have been opened and it seems a more traditional Glasgow summer has reared it's head.
Yesterday the plan was to meet at Karens at 9 am. Lying awake through the night listening to the wind howling and the rain lashing down like something from a low budget know where the rain is clearly being released from a large container just out of sight! A few texts passed between us in the early hours but we decided to stick to the plan. The roads were flooded but the wee bike made it through them without aqua-planing or needing the services of Knightswood water rescue. And so a 6m run was had.

We ran down to Blanefield then back up the ridge, we were pretty soaked but it was actually good to be out in the more familiar weather, in some places up to our ankles in mud. Then back to K's for a coffee!

Today the plan was pretty much the same but we ran out from Strathblane along the old railway line. Wet and blustery. About 1.5m in we came across a large coo that had strayed from the herd..onto the path. Now I am generally not too bad around large beasts but this moo coo didn't look happy to see us, menacingly slapping her tail around like ermintrude on a bad day...we chickened out and climbed the barbed fence to get around her. Satisfied she trotted off down the path the other way (laughing to herself). A mile or so on we were ambling along when there was a very coo like snort right behind us...both thinking that we were being charged by the herd we leapt a mile only to find it was a fellow he made that noise I don't know!

Anyway we made it back against the wind...resistance is good...more confident to pass the menacing coo. Maybe she was off to Southend!


Friday, 14 August 2009

Even 6

Ran down to the clock today for 9 am to meet with Robert and Karen. They were doing a recovery 3. Chatting and ambling along at a leisurely pace, discussing Roberts plans for his 5 course charity dinner he's bravely organising this weekend in support of Breast cancer. I then ran the remainder home through Lennox park to make an even 6 miles. Pretty rubbish weather but not a problem for running.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009


Ran 4 from the house. sluggish but out!

Monday, 10 August 2009


Got out for a 3 miler round tesco loop after spending the day cutting up cars!.

Sunday, 9 August 2009


Time has slipped by. The family are all away visiting the outlaws down south. I thought I would have loads of time to spare but it has proved otherwise!

I've done the usual wee runs, had a great hill run with Superfit dave and The proffessor up the slacks last week....Superfit Dave led us to recent find of his...A very large metal safe. How/why do people get these things to the top of highly inaccessible hills?

I also went over to the Orienteering 6day event in Perth which was an experience. I didn't actually do the orienteering bit but having got the train to Perth Station I ran to the event which was as good as, since I didn't know where I was going!

I popped into Dundee to see my 'recently escaped from London' friends Sam and Gary and their two gorgeous babies...and Garys other baby below....