Saturday, 31 May 2008

Reservoir Sun

Missed my regular running slot this morning.

Just needed the lie in, the room was still spinning at 8 (a little wine was drank last night)! So I ran in the afternoon. It was absolutely roasting.

Ran from Clober Car Park up to the reservoir, round and back.

I really struggled with the heat, also didn't take my inhaler early enough so the first 15 mins were a bit wheezy.

The views over Glasgow were spectacular, it was such a clear blue day, but I did welcome the shade from the tunnel of trees in the far section.


Friday, 30 May 2008

Panik Panik

As I was running last night this little ditty came up on my ipod.

The switch back isn't exactly a 'ring road' but I still rate this song, not only does it include my all time favourite french word, but is also a great runnin tune!

Thursday, 29 May 2008

20 min tempo

I had a small window to fit a run in tonight so I took it.

The plan said 30 min tempo but after the last couple of weeks I felt that was a bit too ambitious so I knocked it back to 20 mins.

I ran from Garscube down Maryhill road and immediately regretted wearing a long sleeve top. It was roasting. The taverns down Maryhill road were bursting at the seams and the smokers were working really hard at creating a few clouds for me to run through.

I ran down to Queen Margaret Drive then back up the Great Western Road. As I dodged the punters at the Maggie van and turned the corner I realised that I should also have had my sunglasses on, the sun was so big and low in the sky, there was also a bit of a head wind. It's a miracle I didn't run slap bang into someone as I couldn't see a thing, except for the odd double decker providing a moment of shade as it thundered past!

I don't know why but tempo sessions never end on a flat or downhill stretch. You can guarantee that if you see a hill in the distance and you only have 5 mins to go...they will not be up till the moment you reach the top of the hill!

1 mile warm up (approx 9mins)
2.68m-20 mins (7:27mm)


Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Refreshing change

Kids session was 'down hill reps' tonight! The kids loved them. I think the secret to running down hill fast is total fearlessness. Something the kids have in abundance.

Following that I had no enthusiasm to do the usual 1000's at the Loch so I improvised a session.

The route was not new.
Stockiemuir - Milngavie Road-Canniesburn R'bout-Drymen-Gartconel-Morven-Stockiemuir

I did the 1k splits with walking recoveries between. Obviously the times varied as there are hills, roads, traffic lights etc but I feel I ran pretty hard for the duration of each kilometer. I was quite pleased with the session.

The times won't mean much but I will log them anyway. Not as fast as the Loch reps but a refreshing change!

4:21 ,4:17, 4:19, 4:38, 4:22.

Monday, 26 May 2008

Crazy inventions

Still feeling dodgy today so no running.

Look what I found...serves me right for reading Hello!

Sunday, 25 May 2008

Long VERY slow Run

This morning I was sore. Too much stretching this week!

My legs were suffering from yesterdays course and I wasn't feeling good.

I met Robert at 8am for a 12 miler. Deciding to take it easy we really did-even walking some of it. My quads and calves were very painful. I guess I'm just not used to all that sprint action and excessive stretching!

It was a beautiful morning though. We did a real mish mash of a route but it was quite nice just to jog along and make it up as we went.

Route was from Clobber car park, in and around the waterworks and their extended pathways, Mugdock, West Highland way to huts, the ridge back into Mugdock and around the park then back down to the car.

Approx 12.5m in over 2 hours!! :-0

( apparently the Kenyans do their LSR 12+ min mile-ing so it's probably very good for us to be forced to slow down;-))

Saturday, 24 May 2008


I was at the glorious Grangemouth Stadium today completing my Level 2 coaching award. I started it back in the autumn. Today was the final segment...endurance followed by assessment.

The morning was mostly classroom based, re enforcing the stuff we practice all the time. Risk assessments, energy systems, training plans, training sessions etc. We touched on the bizarrely delicate issue of kids training distances. This is a subject that just bemuses me. The answers seem obvious. Kids are individuals, they are all at different stages of development and fitness. Therefore surely the training they do should reflect their ability, training stage, development and fitness! NOT their age. Imagine if we all lined up for the women's 10k and they put us into age groups rather than expected finish times? It would not be pretty! Ultimately the discussion came to the usual conclusion of any sensible individual, that common sense should prevail.

Following a sandwich lunch I was first up for assessment.

The unusual thing was that the assessors were being assessed themselves. I actually felt really nervous for my assessor as I could tell she was nervous due to her assessor!

We had 15 Min's each to demonstrate our coaching skills. I decided to do a micro session! That is 5 Min's warm up including some dynamic stretches. 5 min hare and hounds session. 5 Min's warm down including static stretches.

All went well apart from 1 moment when Stevie (yes BIG Stevie was there too!) was the hare...I seriously though the two girls chasing him would never catch him (His legs were as long as the two of them put together!) could have gone on for hours. Fortunately at this point the two girls decided to start cutting corners (which I encouraged) which gave them an advantage so he was finally caught in a dramatic sprint chase!

I am delighted to say I passed and was done by 1:35pm but all hope of getting home were dashed....I was needed as a sample athlete for the others doing their assessments!

There were about 20 of us and another group doing throws. There were only 3 assessors.

The rest of the afternoon was filled with warm ups d stretches, really hard sessions and warm downs and s stretches....for some reason coaches being assessed seem to think that they must show how hard they can work their athletes! Big Stevie did a pyramid session!!! Lindsay Wilson did boot camp!!

I didn't leave till 5:15 totally exhausted. Plans of a 6 mile run went out of the window in favour of bath, food, wine andbed!

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Home 6

Today I was not feeling great. I won't make excuses though. The plan said tempo and I knew I was not up to it tonight.

Ok I changed my mind- here's the excuses:- youngest son was throwing up ALL night and into the morning...managed to hit all the carpets, books, walls, you name it.... When not trying to be sympathetic, I have been shampooing carpets and disinfecting everything else. Stuck in the house all day I should have relished the run, but I just felt tired and crotchety!

Having got the first mile and a half over (the 'easy' bit), I made the decision to salvage a half decent run out of the situation rather than totally fail to hit any of the splits and feel worse. So I just tried to run steady and clear my mind a bit.

The route was the same old- but the harder way round. (That didn't help with the mental approach) Up Stockiemuir, down Drymen Rd to Canniesburn, Back up Milngavie Rd, Up over Craigdu and back down Stockiemuir.

The average pace was 8:25 but that included an easy first mile and a half @ 9:30.

Better than no run at all!

Rest day tomorrow......what will I do with myself?


Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Home 3.4

Still feeling tender today. The second day is always said to be worse, but I must differ, I am no where near as incapacitated as I was yesterday! For a start I can shut the car boot without assistance:-) And do my bra up!! (sorry - was that too much info!)

Anyway I think I have gone on enough.

Today I nipped out for an easy 3miler. Stockiemuir, Milngavie Rd along to Asda, West Chapleton, back along Drymen rd and down past the ski club.

Ms Winehouse accompanied me on the ipod.


Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Oooo's & Ahhh's & not many reps!

Woke up this morning feeling like I had been dropped from a great height!

I was unable to move anything at all. I took a deep breath, gritted my teeth and swung my legs round to the floor, trying to make it to a sitting position in one get the pain over quick. Another deep breath was required to get to basic standing position. I totally failed to get a tee shirt or jumper on so settled on a button up top and cardie.....

The rest of the day was pretty much like this, compromises, reduced movements and lots of 'ah's' and 'oooo's'.

As the day wore on I began to work out that it was my upper body not my legs that were really sore. So decided that I could still do the usual reps.

I was feeling really weak and pathetic...and I was!

I had thought that once I got started I would get into them and I would feel much better. I didn't!

I did the first 1000 in 4:08. Not too bad, but it totally wiped me out. I did two more both in 4:18 and called it a day. Todays session should have been 5x1000.

I hope that my body will get used to this new exercise and I will be fitter, faster and stronger...real soon!

Monday, 19 May 2008


Reaching the ideal balance for the perfect race requires strength, speed, stamina and mental toughness. Ideally we runners should be able to tick all the boxes and come out on top every time.

Of course this isn't quite how it is!

It seems to me that the worst thing that can happen is injury, few of us have managed to avoid the inevitable. It is only then that we start to investigate how to heal and prevent our bodies failing where our minds are still strong! And our will wants to take us.

We know that prevention is better than cure and so to this end I am endeavouring to improve my core fitness. It is with this in mind that my good friend Jo has agreed to take me on as her yoga student...focusing on improving my running.

Jo is just about to qualify as a yoga teacher and has been teaching at Esporta for the last 6 months while Harry the regular teacher was away! As a friend I have been aware that yoga has completely changed her life...having only started as a student herself 2 years ago! She took to it like a duck to water! What I didn't realise was how hard she had been working!!!

I thought I was in for a relaxing, mind clearing gentle ride when I arrived at her place this morning! I was right about the first two but gentle it was not!!

She informed me that Ashtanga Yoga (Yes the one Maddie does) was the one for me. Ran through the principles and rules...NO VIOLENCE being one of the main ones!

Ashtanga Yoga UK describes it thus:

'The Ashtanga method of Yoga involves synchronizing the breath with progressive series of postures—a process producing intense internal heat and a profuse, purifying sweat that detoxifies muscles and organs. The result is improved circulation, a light and strong body, and a calm mind.'

Sweat I did. It was incredibly challenging. The names of all the postures have totally eluded me but the practice was amazing.

We were so involved in the postures we lost track of the time, it was two hours of hard work. Even after just 1 session I feel much more aware of my body.

Turns out that I am not as inflexible as I thought I was! There is plenty of room for improvement though!

Watching Jo is awesome. The strength and control and her ability to tie herself in knots...then untie herself.... slowly is quite mesmerizing! If I ever get to that stage I promise to post a video!!;-)

As this was my first session....and a pretty intense one at that, I have decided to skip today's recovery run. Am going to drink wine and re-tox my body instead!


This looks like real fun!

Marco once told me to 'corner like a racing car' when chumming me round some reps up at Mugdock many moons ago (well I was running he was doing an easy sidestep!) ...

I think on that premise, and to help us get into the right 'mental space', we should have a training night doing this?

What do you think? ;-)

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Short Sunday Run

Up early to run at 7:45 this morning. I needed to be home so the boys could get going! They had a brilliant time by the way. Somehow they all returned unscathed and very excited.

Ran out along the good old WHW for convenience. (No chance of getting lost)

Legs were quite tired to begin with. Took it easy then pushed the pace a little towards the end.


Saturday, 17 May 2008

LSR on a Sat!

Due to family commitments tomorrow...Rory's going Scot carting to celebrate his 11th birthday with some friends. It was necessary to do the long slow run today. (Yes that is courtesy of Robert).

It is amazing how after only a short spat of fabulous weather we all turn into complete wimps! I got up and looked out of the window in horror to see, not a beautiful blue sunny morning sky, but a dull, wet miserable morning.

I was forced to dig out my shower proof Gillette which I thought I had put away till at least September. Alas no. This is Scotland how could I have been so forgetful.

I wanted to try a new route (a common theme just now!). The aim was to head out along the canal from Westerton to Bishopbriggs. Then cut off across the fields towards Milngavie and do a big circle back.

We missed the turn off and ended up doing an out and back! Duh! I will need to study the map harder...or perhaps I was just soooo in the zone I was blind to my surroundings:-) Yeah right!

Many people hate the canal and find it really dull. If I run any route a lot I get bored but occasionally I enjoy the canal routes. It is so peaceful and the wildlife can be enthralling (even the Possil vagrants, still p**sed at 9 am but very encouraging) you can concentrate on the run with no traffic or roads. And it isn't half as busy as the whw!

We passed Rosin near the kelvin walkway. (another club coach) Who was out with a group of girls from the club. They were heading in the opposite direction.

Ultimately we had a great run. The rain stopped and I also ceased to shiver shortly after we began (It was actually positively hot at 10 degrees). As usual leaving your warm cosy bed is always the hardest part when it's miserable out!

We ran 4m easy(approx 9mm or slower), 4 miles paced (aim 8mm), last 4 miles easy.


Thursday, 15 May 2008

Roundabout Tempo

Aim was 25 min tempo tonight. Was keen to get it out of the way as due out for dinner at 8 (North of Bondi?)

Had a really good run and felt good. No sore calves. No aching legs. No wheezing!

Did 1.2 m warm up then 25 min tempo. We took it in 5min blocks to lead. The last 5 mins were up Drymen Road and boy does that slight incline slow you down!

kilometer splits:
5:57, 5:28, 4:37, 4:31, 4:39, 4:40, 4:44, 5:19, 5:59.
Goal was 25 min tempo 7:30 mm

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Bluebell recovery

Daisy and I got adventurous with our route today. I'm a bit restricted as I can't take her any where near a road. I just can't run with her on a lead and she has no road sense! I also need a route that's really close to the house. This is why we nearly always do the same 3 mile recovery ticks all the boxes, I don't have to think about it, and I can be out and back in no time at all. There are however days when you need a is shocking to say that the west highland way can become boring when you live so close and run 6 days a week!

Taking advantage of the dry weather we ventured along the trails made by foxes and deer...only had to reroute a few times due to disappearing trails...swamps and bogs.

We climbed to the top of the hill in the wilder bit of Mugdock park, enjoying the views and lush greens in the scenery.

The bluebells are stunning just now.

I took my ipod along for the first time in ages. I forgot to set it to my running play list so had a few strange tunes pop was on shuffle. Even though they are all my tunes it's always a surprise, strange combinations like 'Dan Baird and the Sofa Kings'...followed by 'Simon and Garfunkel' :-)....not like the old days when you knew the whole of your diy compilation tape you had lovingly created fro your trusty Walkman.

I still expect 'Echo beach' to be immediately followed by 'Walking on sunshine'!

I got a surprise package in the post yesterday....a BIG blue foam roller. It is so much easier to use than the pipe..and a little less painful. I will post a pic when I take one!

3m 31mins (stops and starts due to bogs and marshes) mainly 9:30mm

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Another Tuesday. Another set of 1000's.

My Mum and Dad were visiting today so I was able to do the Reps earlier before the kids session. It seemed to agree with me managed 5 this week as promised, much better times too.

It was also a bit cooler, the sun was still shining, but there was a delicious cool breeze.

The local kids were out 'fishing'. This is a peculiar practice where they lie their rods down in the water, drink beer and heckle runners. (quite politely -this is Bearsden (sic)) I have never yet witnessed any of them catching a fish!

By the third rep they had run out of whit less comments so we managed the last two in peace.

Robert ran consistently 1 metre ahead of me (I think he was showing of to the fisher boys!)

I then went up to the club for the junior session. We decided to take the kids to Maryhill park for some hill reps. It is good watching hill much easier to shout encouragement.

splits: 4:04, 4:04, 4:06, 4:06, 4:04
Kids session: 2 miles slow jog to reps session

Monday, 12 May 2008

West Highland Way recovery

Recovery day again.

Daisy and I had a very pleasant run in the sun. It was a comfortable easy run.

This fantastic weather has inspired lots of people to put on their rucksacks and head out along the West Highland Way. It was nearly as busy as Sauchiehall St today!

3 miles -28 mins

Sunday, 11 May 2008


The kids were taking part in an Aquathon at Balfron today...start time 9:30am.

Fitting a run in meant getting up extra early 7am again. I couldn't face getting up any earlier to enable us to run the whole distance so Robert collected me and we drove down to Strathblane to begin at 7:45!
We ran along the pipeline feeling very wholesome and 'Waltons' like as all the baby lambs skipped out of our way! We saw deer and plenty of pheasants too.

Unfortunately my Garmin battery conked out so I have no stats. To be honest, I wasn't really worried about stats today, sometimes it is good just to run without. It is a route with lots of gates so it is a little bit stop-start bad thing for that time in the morning!

It was a fab day for such a run, even when we hit the road at Killearn the relaxed Sunday morning atmosphere was percolating through the air. People popping out for newspapers ensuing signs of hangovers. It is quite a climb up to Balfron High, which stands at just about the highest possible point in Balfron! I found myself pondering the thought that it would have been a good spot for a castle. We managed it pretty strongly though. A relief after such a lousy running week.

The Aquathon was great too. They all did really well...Cody competing as an 8yr old (he's 7) came second in his group. Smiles all round!

Approx 9miles.

Saturday, 10 May 2008


Woke up this morning feeling really grotty. No I wasn't on the sauce last night, but I think I must have eaten something that didn't agree with me.... I won't go into detail but I am drinking plenty of fluids thanks.

I had promised Lucie a run after my session so I decided to do her session first in the hope that I would feel better as the day wore on. We did about 1.5 miles round Kilmardinny Loch, focusing on running posture and running drills with the aim of using her energy more effectively. She tries really hard and I hope she will gain confidence from an extra more specific session each weekend.
By the time we had completed that I felt a wee bit better so just ran 3 easy.


Friday, 9 May 2008

Something for the playlist

This is the extent of my training today. Mental preparation;-) I should have been listening to this yesterday....

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Not every run can feel great.

It was another blazing hot day today. The plan said 5m with 25 min tempo. This would have been fine, except that I decided to try a new route.

It really didn't look that hilly or rough on the OS map!

We went out along the Blochairn road. After parking (supposedly at the 'top' of the hill) We set off. The trail led suspiciously up wards. Feeling slightly responsible I assured myself that it would even out once we got to the woods. It did even out..but the smooth trail I was hoping to find turned out to be very uneven and more x country than anything else.

Eventually we hit some tarmac and started the descent towards Lennoxtown. By now it was becoming apparent this would be an out and back route. This detracted from the enjoyment of the descent a little as my legs felt like lead....I wasn't sure how I would get back up again.

I did get back up. But my thighs and calves were screaming, I still don't think they are talking to me. I can honestly say that it was the most painful run I have done in a while. I felt like I was wading through treacle most of the time. How can a 5.8 mile run feel harder than a marathon?

It was great to do a different route though and the views were spectacular. On one side the whole of Glasgow, and the other side the Campsie Fells. The sun was low in the sky casting a perfect light across the landscape. I guess it was worth it for that.

I know that not every run can feel great..I guess this was one of them.

5.8m-58mins (It was VERY steep!)

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

20 degrees!

This is the third consecutive day that we have had 20+degrees, blue skies and sun! The smell of BBQ's and suntan lotion are filling the air and everyone seems so much happier and relaxed.

I did my 3 mile recovery with Daisy, I really struggled to keep going the first mile and a half...I am just not used to the heat. it felt as though the 3m was never going to end. Fortunately by the second half my body seemed to have adapted and I was much more comfortable.

The bluebells were all out along the banks and the grass seemed so much greener. Daisy still managed to find some mud though never failing to turn her lovely blonde fir to brown Mud. I threw the obligatory sticks in the river for her after our run which she loves and acts as a good bath. It seems that she too was suffering from the heat as she acually swam.....she loves the water but rarely goes out of her depth so this was most unusual!


Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Are you faster than a 10 year old?

Another glorious day.

At 7pm the whistle blew for the first 3k race involving both the adult section and the kids section. (There are more adults at the back of this picture honest!!)

It was 6pm when the first kids started arriving, and they just kept coming and coming and coming..... By 6:30 there was a buzz of pre race excitement in the air, many of the younger kids had never raced before (let alone with the adults) and they were up for it. The adults had begun to turn up by now, including big Murray who was taking the race seriously enough to wear his racing shoes!

A couple of the other coaches and I took the kids down to the footy pitches to play a couple of warm up games, just to try and maintain an element of order and contain the masses!

I had been appointed the blue team to lead warm up with Jill. After splitting everyone into their teams (defined by a coloured dot on their numbers) we set off to do some dynamic warm ups.

There was a mass start. I was the official 'Last Runner' which involved a sprint start followed by about 800 meters of running and the rest more of a jog/walk. It is often the kids at the back who show you what real spirit is. They fight through stitches and fatigue but just keep on going.

It was a fantastic event. I am certain that everyone who was there had a great time.

Just for the record the red team won. The real winner was the club itself though as it was great to see the two sections participating in a joint event. Over 80 entrants can't be bad!

Hopefully there will be a chance for more events along this line.


After getting all the kids home I still had my reps session to complete! Not surprisingly it was the last thing I felt like doing...I just wanted to get my tea!

It is however slightly easier when the sun is still shining so I trundled down to the loch with Robert and we began.

As is often the case with reps the 'getting started' bit is often much worse than the actual event itself, we were soon into the session powering our way round the Loch, dodging the dog walkers and strollers.

We decided to stick to just 4 reps. We will start to ramp up the numbers next week!!

4x1000m 4:11. 4:12, 4:12, 4:12 (hows that for consistency?)

Monday, 5 May 2008

Loch Ard

Did usual recovery 3m this morning. Out along the West Highland Way. It was a beautiful morning. The perfect weather for a bank holiday Monday.

When I got home my husband Jeremy was busy preparing a picnic. In our house at the first sign of summer my daughter asks 'can we have a picnic?' and 'can we have a BBQ?' What a brilliant idea.

We also took the opportunity to try out our new acquisition. The cycle rack!

We started at Milton (about 1 mile from Aberfoyle) The route took us through the most breathtaking scenery. Very soon we could see the majestic form of Ben Lomond directly ahead not a cloud in sight.

We stopped for our picnic at a lovely spot overlooking the tail end of Loch Ard.

Eventually we had to turn back as we had cycled right off our map.However we probably could have gone on a bit as Daisy was putting on a determined show (taking cooling mud baths at every opportunity!) and the kids were doing well. It's still best to turn while you're ahead though.

We took a slightly alternative route back opting to drop down to the loch and cycle along the edge, this gave the boys chance to skim some stones, (all boys love to do that!) and Daisy to try and catch them!

I deliberately didn't take Daisy with me for my run this morning as I knew she may have her longest ever run ahead..... While she normally runs circles round me on our 3 mile forays I wasn't sure how she would cope with us all on bikes! We did enforce some rest on her as I was worried she would get heat stroke or exhaustion. Any one with a Cairn will know they are very stubborn and 'spirited' and rarely know when enough is enough. Thought you might like to see the evidence!!

All in all we were out for 4 hours and we made it there and back without loosing a bike!) Do you think this counts as x training? ...I know we will all sleep well tonight.

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Long Slow Run

Sunday morning is when I do my traditional Long Slow Run! Today we ran from my house, towards Glasgow. A couple of miles of road before we hit the River Kelvin and stuck to the river until the Botanic Gardens. We then decided to cut back along the not so picturesque Maryhill Road. (I wanted to check out Maryhill park for potential kids sessions!)

It was a good run and a change from the usual routes we tend to do. I felt good and feel my strength is returning on the hills.

We took a slight detour round Kilmardinny Loch on the way back. There seemed to be a swan convention going on. There were 3 of them! To my knowledge Swans are quite territorial and usually only one couple per Loch? Maybe the third was just trying his luck?

11.01m- 1:41:06min
Average pace 9:11mm

Saturday, 3 May 2008

Wheezing Upwards

Ran at 8.30am with Robert.

Started at Clober car park,took the steep route out up the steps into Mugdock. Did a complete circuit of Mugdock park then back down the infamous Khyber...rather down than up! The last 2 miles were back along the very familiar west highland way.

Wheezing up the hills during the first two miles was the perfect way to kick heart and lungs into action. It was a comparatively warm morning and I soon realised that 2 layers was 1 too many.

We managed the middle section predominantly within the goal pace times and even managed to chat while we ran.

When I got home I did 10 mins with the roller. (my husband, Jeremy, offered to take some footage for the blog; but I don't think the world is ready for that!) I have to admit that even after this short time I think all this rolling is working. The stiffness I usually get in my hips is no longer as bad, the big test will be tomorrow after the longer run.

Goal was a pace run, easy start easy finish, 4m pace 8-8.5min pace.

6.1m-55:59mins. Average pace 9:10mm. middle section 7:54-8:46mm.

Friday, 2 May 2008

Rest Day

I always like to try and keep Friday as my rest day.

This morning I was meant to get a sports massage but it was canceled. Don't get me wrong-it's not that I will miss the torture, it's just that I know it will hurt twice as much next week!

I found this video demonstrating the use of the Roller! I am not quite this proficient...yet!!

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Early Tempo

Not being a morning person actually getting up to run at 7am is still quite an achievement for me. I certainly don't spring out of bed, more of a blind stumble and it takes at least half an hour for my eyes to open. I could easily have given it a miss but I knew Robert would be outside waiting spot on 7. It's good to have a plan!

Given the early rise we took the first mile as a really easy warm up through the wedge out towards Clober. We then upped the pace. 7.5 min miles for 20 mins was the goal. I led the first 5 and quickly found the pace with the help of my trusty garmin. I was pleased to discover I found it ok. By the time Robert took over the second 5 min block I felt well into my stride.

Nearly got run over as we ran past Kessington Garage. A car pulled straight out missing me by about a cm, she was totally unaware of the near miss as she was too busy looking in the opposite direction! Still it gave me chance to practice my 'sudden burst of speed'. I will try and use the experience to my advantage next time I am approaching the finishing line!

The route took us along Craigton Rd, Milngavie Rd, West Chapleton, Manse, Kilmardinny n back up Stockiemuir. The 20 min tempo block was done and dusted by the time we were half way along West Chapleton which meant we could take the last couple of miles easy.

Middle section 7:15-7:34mm