Thursday, 25 December 2008

Christmas Day

Santa brought the Running Potter this. Having laboured through 'The Wind up Bird Chronicle' without much enjoyment (by the same author) it may seem strange to hear that I am delighted with it! I've only had chance to read the first few pages but I love it already. Haruki has hit so many nails on the head already, and clarified many thoughts I didn't realise I already had about running.

I can't wait to read more. Within the Foreword 'Suffering is optional' is the golden line. "A gentleman shouldn't go on about what he does to stay fit". he does though and it's a great set of thoughts and ponders, well worth sharing.

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Christmas Eve

Arrived at my parents house in Cheshire yesterday so no running. Rory wanted to run with me today so we just went for a short slow run to stretch our legs. It's all country lanes around here, I will try and find a map for a later post.
The children are very excited that Santa is on his way.

Happy Christmas to you all xx

3.17m approx 30mins

Monday, 22 December 2008

Steady with ipod

Nipped out for an 8 mile run this evening. It was a drizzly dull night and the windows were twinkling with Fairy lights, Santa's and Christmas trees.

It was a nice steady run with ipod.

It was too dark by the time I set out to do the planned WHW route alone so I stuck tot the streets. Stockiemuir, Mosshead Rd, Milngavie Rd, Milngavie centre, Station, Strathblane rd, Rugby club, Milngavie Rd, Boclair, Rannoch, Maryhill Rd, Milngavie Rd, Roman Rd, Drymen Rd, Ski club Stockiemuir. As I approached the house I couls see that I was .25m short of the 8m mark so I did once round the block to make it up:-)


Sunday, 21 December 2008

Santa Race '08

Today was the Club Santa Race.

It's a handicap race which allows everyone the chance to do well!

In the Junior race we had 14 in total, not bad considering it is a busy time for everyone and it was a pretty wet and blustery day.

They all set off at their staggered start times along Maxwell Avenue, then we relocated to the top of the Porsche garage hill to look out for the leader as they appeared round the corner.

It's only a 2k race so the wait was not that long. It was Lucie who appeared first followed by Greg Martin. It worked out well as Lucie was delighted with her GIANT trophy that she will keep for the year, (She spent last night polishing it!) and Greg got the presidents prize of a voucher to spend. (A good result for his mum Carol, Adam one of her other sons won the trophy last year and she was rather looking forward to having a bit of space on the mantle piece!)

The fastest runner was Alastair Stanley who completed in an amazing 7:27!

I had not planned to stop for the senior race as past experience told me that the kids would be really cold after their race and want to go home but they were all keen to stay and watch the adult race. I was delighted to take part, although I was a little underdressed having not planned for it.

It is a rather surreal sight for the residents of Westerton and the drivers along the switch back. A host of running Santas, red suits flapping. Not to mention the heavily pregnant Mary and Joseph (Deb and Marco). And yes that is Fairyfit Dave of Thursday night hill running expeditions! It's quite a hilly course which really makes you work. I only got caught by the fast guys in the last 100 yards, having expected to be overtaken by the 2nd mile.

Mary won the race, and the giant Turkey!

I don't make the adult section of the club very often now a days so it was good to see them all back at the guide hut for some mulled wine and mince pies.


Saturday, 20 December 2008


Ran 4.2 miles this morning with Robert. It was a slow pace out and back along the WHW.
As we returned to Clober Carpark I spotted a large group of runners approaching. Scanning the faces I wondered if it was the WHW race gang...then Marco sprang out from the mass of faces and confirmed my guess.

I was pretty jealous not to heading off with them on their 24 mile out and back to Drymen. Maybe they will let me tag along in the new year!

Thursday, 18 December 2008

It's all downhill from here!

Another Thursday night spent scrambling up Cochno.

This time we went straight up to the top.

We began our run with a rather traumatic account of Fiona outdoors mammogram. (Which she had had today.) She is threatening to make it the first post on her new blog so I will leave her to tell you all about that. But by the time Superfit Dave and I set out we felt we had experienced the whole thing with her and thus were equally traumatised!

As we stepped out of the car it was torrential sleet and it looked to be a real battle of a run. Fortunately it eased off as we scrambled through the first field. Images of battle axe nurses (of ample bosom) tugging at Fiona outdoors' less than ample bosom were soon replaced by the concentration, needed to stay upright.

Flying Robin was also there making it look easy.....

I don't seem to be getting any better at running up hills but I will persevere. It's still worth it to see the view over Glasgow from the top, the twinkling stars in the sky and the joy of knowing 'It's all down hill from here'


I was glad Alex won the x factor. I know I have Rufus' version on the blog...but the version by

Jeff Buckley is easily the best of the lot. No contest.

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Just Do it

Spent the day procrastinating about when to run...packed up an order or two, futtered about. I was torn between getting work done so I could enjoy my run after, or running so I could work without worrying about fitting my run in before the kids got home.

In the end I dashed out at 2 30pm for a quick 3m run of the Tesco loop. Once I was out there it was bliss, it was pouring down and the wind was strong.

I could have quite happily carried on but didn't want the kids waiting on the doorstep so had to stick to 3. Is it just me who wastes so much time 'getting round' to running when I really should 'just do it'? (not meant to be an ad for Nike)


Oh and here's the new head lamp!

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Kids Fun session

Had promised the kids a fun session tonight. It was raining and much fun can one have?

I gathered a bit of equipment and we played a few 'games' in the empty car park. They seemed to love the skipping...even the boys, some of them better than the girls. The 'ladder' totally confused them. We found a couple of big bits of chalk in the bag so we drew out a couple of Hopscotches and did them.

Unfortunately Jo the yoga teacher (and friend) is ill so no yoga....I should have stayed home and done a session myself but ended up in Costco Christmas shopping instead!

My new head torch arrived...:-) but the battery pack was split so I've had to send it back:-(. I had also ordered a running jacket for Cody's stocking from start fitness. It arrived...I decided to check it before wrapping it and it turned out to be ronhill running tracksters!! Seems I'm not the only confused and bewildered at this time of year!

Hope the Jacket arrives before Santa!

Monday, 15 December 2008

5k with the boys

Last week was the last swim session of the year so I squeezed a 5k in while Lucie was at her violin class which is exactly half an hour. Rory and Cody did a grand job of keeping me company. It's about as far as I would expect Cody to run and he did really well, Rory was chomping at the bit to run ahead but I made him stick with the pack;-)

Russell Dr-gully-Thompson Dr-Kilmardinny Av-Milngavie Rd-Canniesburn Toll-Drymen-Ralston Rd-Russell Dr

Oh Christmas Tree.

Cody and our christmas tree. What a pair!

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Fly fishing for Football?

Following the excitement of yesterday and a few more glasses of wine I was slow to rise this morning. I had left the car in the West End and therefore planned a route to collect said vehicle.

It was a dull day about 1 degree, good running conditions.

I opted for a route through Clydebank then along Dumbarton Rd and the old railway track to the car.

Given that my weekend run is usually more 'Off road' and quite scenic, it was quite a change. Less picturesque in the pretty sense but in many ways just as interesting. Here's what caught my eye.

The unofficial emblem of Glasgow, the huge towering cranes that are remnants of the once thriving shipbuilding industry along the Clyde.

This Titian Crane is one of only four remaining along the Clyde. It's 150 foot and was built in 1907. It became a category A listed structure in 2005 and opened to the public in 2007....100years old!

Following the demolition of Clydebank make room for houses, I had been wondering where it had been relocated. My question was answered as I ran along Dumbarton Rd, a big modern building by the river has appeared. At this point the planes seem close enough to reach up and touch as they descend into Glasgow airport just across the Clyde.

The less manicured sights of Yoker. I took the old railway track from Clydebank to Broomhill. The local graffiti artists had been out. A little more practice needed before we can claim to have our own Banksy.

Rather liked this little gathering of ariel lifts.

The best yet. Blow this picture up and you will see that this guy is actually fly fishing...think he was hoping to catch a football? A bizarre sight was practicing his 'single arm' or on really good acid? (I admit that all I know about Fly fishing is an association with J.R. Hartley and the yellow pages!)

The end of the railway track. A view across MacHargs and the Clyde to BAE.

Finally I did a loop of Victoria park to make my run up to 10 miles. A bit of a blast from the past as I used to spend many days wondering round this park when the kids were babies!

10m 1:27

Saturday, 13 December 2008

4m & a Pink Limo

Today I pushed myself round the 4m route to Canniesburn toll and back. I am feeling much better and the roads were wet rather than slippery!
George Square

In the afternoon I was invited to join Lucie at a friends 11th birthday party (as moral support in times of embarrassment) My friend Linda had arranged a pink Limo-hummer- to cruise 9 Tweenagers round the city, followed by dinner in Papperinos, in Celebration of her daughters birthday. What a laugh we had. The overly sweet sparkling (champagne)wine was all ours while the girls sipped an even sweeter non alcoholic look alike. We were very grateful for the blackened glass saving our street cred from bottoming right out.
The girls had no such worries, as they screamed excitedly out of the windows at the passing pedestrians, Rihanna and Girls aloud on full volume to generate more attention! Oh Joy. They all piled out for pictures in George Sq. How christmassey it was.

Route-Stockiemuir-Milngavie rd -Drymen-Manse rd-Thompson Dr-Kilmardinny Loch-Stockiemuir

Friday, 12 December 2008

More slush

Ran with Daisy along the usual West Highland Way route. It was a miserable morning. it had snowed a little in the night but by the time we woke up it had dissolved to little more than slush. The sky was dull and cloudy.
It was slushy enough to get wet, cold and soggy. Listened to my ipod, the 3m felt as though they were over before they'd begun.

Been doing a bit more yoga this week...I am determined to get my hamstrings stretchier! Don't think I'll ever achieve the splits though!


Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Jack Frost

It was a beautiful winter morning, once the kids were packed off to school I decided to test my recovery progress and try a slightly a longer run-rather than reps.

It was pretty slippy underfoot, all the pavements glittering white and sparkly following a fresh visit from Jack Frost. I'll blame him for the rubbish pace:-)

I did a route that took me round the reservoir which as always delivered some stunning views. The clear reflections in the water and sprawling City below never fail to impress.

I was so glad to be out and felt ok endurance wise..just slow. I can't seem to get my legs moving at the speed I want them to go! Tips welcome!

Route The Wedge, Clober, Round the Reservoir,Drumclog carpark-Mugdock,Last half mile of WHW, Clober, the wedge.


Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Yoga and Kids

Did the usual Yoga this morning but had to rush off afterwards to the school Christmas concert.

After being forced to cancel last weeks kids session due to icy conditions we were pleased to go ahead tonight with the planned sessions. I took my pack out for a 3m run. It was frosty in parts but we managed to stay on our feet.

Congratulations were in order for catriona Greaves who won the U13 west District Cross Country at Irvine last Saturday. Fantastic.

Monday, 8 December 2008

Back out there

Well it's taken a whole week of croacking and coughing to reach the point that I have felt I could get my running shoes on again.

I went out this morning for a 3 mile test run and felt ok. Not great but not too bad either. I took Daisy and we did the first 1.5m of the WHW from Clober, my trusted 3m recovery route. No garmin just the ipod.

3m- approx 26mins

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Winter Wonderland

Woke to a good covering of snow today much to the delight of the kids. So magical. I can almost hear sleigh bells!

Throat still felt swollen and throat like broken glass but went along to yoga. It was a good session and although Jo said she had worked us hard I felt more focused and the session flew by.

Afterwards I took Daisy out for a walk round the Loch in the snow, she just loves it.

Monday, 1 December 2008


I was feeling a bit better and felt an easy run while the kids were swimming was the way to go. It was -1 so I wrapped up warm and set off.

I altered my route slightly to try and get the 3m loop without having to add the extra bit on at the end...with success.

I ran down Clouston St which was where I dwelt in Glasgow shortly after I left Dundee...although the road has been chopped in half (bollards) and it's now more like a car park, it was nostalgic running along....thinking of how I had, at one time, staggered, walked, ambled along that same pavement many times. (I never ran anywhere back then so last night was a first!)

It was good to be out after a weekend off. I took it easy and at the time felt much better for it. Later on in the evening my throat felt raw again though...probably would have done so without the running so I am happy I got out.

Route Cleveden High-Winton Dr-Bellshaugh Rd-Kirklee Rd-Clouston St-QMD-Byres Rd-Highburgh Rd-Cleveden.