Thursday, 31 July 2008

Routine Stuff and Rain:-)

Met Robert for a run tonight. Hoping that I would be able to keep up!

It was my favourite running weather...wet and wetter!

How wonderful it was to run in the rain:-)

Ran the first mile easy then picked up the pace a little for the middle 4 before easing off again. It was a huge improvement on recent runs....lets hope it's the start of improvements all round!!

Route was the usual, up Stockiemuir, Craigdhu, Milngavie Rd, Canniesburn but we ran down Roman Rd then back through Kilmardinny Loch.


K splits 6:20, 5:14, 4:59, 4:36, 4:42, 4:42, 5:05, 4:56, 5:53, 6:30.

Holiday Snaps!

The Gironde, Bonne Anse Plage, Cote Savage.

Biggest Edam Ever!

What do you do when you're not running?

Mont St Michael

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Easy does it!

Decided to break myself back into routine gently today and went for a gentle 3 miler round the usual route.

Felt totally unfit and am not sure how I am ever going to manage to get my training back on track....!!

Sunday, 27 July 2008

It all just slipped...a little.....for a while.

Ok so I let the hot sun and the fab holiday get the better of me! I managed a week then just slipped! I got up each morning and could ony manage as far as the bakery!! So a few pounds heavier but so what!! Plenty o time to make up the slovenly week. Although belly boarding those cote savage waves are quite a work out in themselves!! Not to mention the trek over the sand dunes.

We are on our way home and have a 3 night stop over in Normandy. the climate here is cooler and so today I got out for a 3.5 miler. I have been suffering from non-running guilt so I at least feel better for the run!
I am at he campsite bar with 30 mins wi fi time so can't write much! Will be back on Tuesday and hopefully back into usual routine!!

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Beautiful Bright Blue Sky

Rain was forecast for this morning. In contrast to everyone else in the region I was actually looking forward to it. The promise of running in the cooling rain was very appealing!

Something went wrong though!! When I opened my eyes and looked through the mesh of the sleeping compartment all I could see beyond the green pine trees was blue...beautiful bright blue sky!

Oh well another glorious hot run in the sun!! I should be relishing this...It's a rare occasion that I can write that in Glasgow!!

I headed off along the cycle path in the opposite direction this time. This way delivered more shade- at least on the way out. I ran past the towering red and white lighthouse, along the cote savage. Inhailing the smells and trying not to look at the pace!! Once my body got going it was a really good morning run.

On the return journey I realised that I had had it easy on the way out. The sun was rising above the treetops, I was running into it, and even the plentiful pines were unable to prevent it boring down mercilessly as I plodded along.

I reached the gates of the campsite satisfied and once more relishing the fact that most of the site (including the rest of the Stevensons) were still slumbering.

I am thinking that in order to have any chance of completing the 12miles planned for tomorrow I will need to get up even earlier!! Perhaps I should just squeeze them in before I actually go to bed!


Thursday, 17 July 2008

Hot 8 @ 8

8am and the campsite sleeps. Early risers are in the minority. They sit proudly in the early morning sun with their prize....the freshest and most delicious pick of the onsite bakery! Croissants, Pain au chocolat, baguettes in all sizes and widths! By 9 30 the choice is much more limited. They sit quietly sipping their oversized coffee's.

I gave my Garmin plenty of login time today!! Pleased to say it coped well.

I ran out towards La Palmyre, It is 1.3m from the campsite along the cycle path. the small port is an array of colourful boats. The gentle clinking of masts and buoys is such a 'holiday' sound to me.

My legs were sore and achey for the first 2 miles, my left clf felt tight.....the heat even at this time in the morning was quite intense and so once more I considered it an achievement to be out and ideas of attempting to up the speed were shot!

Following the path around the outskirts of 'club med.' (which looks like a concentration camp from the outside with it's high fences and security! Not sure if they are trying to keep us out or the clients in!) I enjoyed amazing view across the sandy beaches and calm water. The 4th & 5th miles allowed some welcome shade. Just enough time to get my head together for the last stretch of the run back to the campsite!


Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Err...what day is it?!

It has happened. I got up early today. Had a really hard day, fixing up the tent, buttering bagguette, eating croissants, sitting by the pool, reading,, coping with +30 degree heat. You get the picture. By tea time I was so exhausted I had been contempating an easy 3m. Still as the plan says 3m easy or rest I decided to rest!

I ate a large plate of pasta having made this decision..then it struck me....we were on Tuesday NOT Monday. Already I haven't a clue what day it is!! I should be doing reps and at the very least a bit of speed work!! we had arrange to go for a sundowner so I had to act fast if I was going to do anything at all!

Oh dear Berlin and the IOM half just seem so far away from here!

I pulled my trainers on and left my garmin to find a satelite! Resolving to do a 3 mile running as hard as is reasonable-on holiday! I set off only to return 3 seconds later as I still had my large brimmed sun hat on!!

I set out along the cycle path, through the fragrant pines which exude the evokative fragrancce of the Cote Savage. The air still warm but cooler at 8pm. I was feeling surprisingly good and felt I was striding out strongly.

Everyone here cycles and the looks you get when running vary from complete awe to complete confusion! 'Why run when you could cylcle'

I was happily doing sub 8mm so I tried to push my pace up a little. It was then that my Garmin totally lost the plot. The readings started comming in as 6mm, then 5:3mm finally saying I was whizzing along at 3:2mm!! (I would have been happy wi the 6!!)

I got back to the campsite in 21mins and had apparently done 3.7miles. Yeah right! You and I know that the gamiin never lies...but on this occasion I can only assume it was confused and clearly doesn't speak to french sattelites well!! Hope it acclimatises for the next attempt!! (I could same the same for myself!)

I would have to be honest and say I probably did about 2.75m.
approx 2.75m-21min

Monday, 14 July 2008

The Journey...not running yet.

Despite having just as far to drive the french side of the channel as in the uk...the uk always seems longer!

We set off Sat late afternoon and drove down to Somerset. Jeremy's dad was away but he was kind enough to allow us to stop-over at his house. We arrived around 1am. It is very odd being in someones' place when they aren't there.

The kids made themselves at home....Grandpa keeps a small box of ancient toys and a number of vintage Snoopy books and annuals which seem too be an important feature of a trip to Somerset. I think it is more to do with their past owners than their content, but I have to admit I share their fascination with the aged remnants of a long gone era!!

On sunday we went wild and had a full English breakfast in Sainsburys, Bridgwater! We stocked up on a few last min buys, before we left the familiar sanctuary of The Priory...yes that's the name of the house -named long before the rich and famous claimed it!! We had arranged a rendez-vous with my parents in Wellington they're looking after Daisy while we are away. She get's totally spoiled.....she loves her holiday!

Despite having loads of time to get to Plymouth in time we managed to cut it fine. Spent ages trying to buy stamps and diesel!! There are hundreds of speed cameras in Plymouth, practically every half mile...infact I bet you could plan a run by them!

We were last to board but ended up right at the front of the car 1st off:-)

After a double G'n'T we scoured the shop, investigated the boat then hit our cabins and with the help of the gently rolling sea managed to forget we were in the bowels of the boat and passed out!!

Rudely awakened at 5am by the tinkly bell they use to rouse the passengers,I managed to drag myself into the land of the living. The give you an hours notice that the boat is going to dock. It took us 10 mins to get up but it wasn't until we got a fix of strong french coffee that my eyes were truly seeing!! The children allowed us to usher them to the car still pretty sleepy.

We rolled of the boat at Roscoff with out any bother and headed south. Jeremy took the wheel for the first part and it wasn't long till the kids were all snoozing. I took over North of Nantes. The french roads are brilliant and it makes the driving easy.

We arrived at the site around 2pm congratulating ourselves on our efficiency. It then took over an hour to check in..I won't start on that story, but suffice to say after covering nearly 1000miles to get here we weren't impressed.

Still we had arrived and all we had to do before sinking into that holiday relaxation was set up the trailer!

Campsite Bonne Anse Plage, La Palmyre

Saturday, 12 July 2008

Pre holiday LSR

Given that we set off for France today, I new that there was no chance of doing the usual long run on Sunday. 8am on a Saturday seems so much earlier than 8am on a Sunday!

Leaving the family snoozing I set off with Robert for a Long Saturday Run!

The route was from my house, Drymen rd, Station rd, through Colquohoun Park, through Westerton to the canal. We then ran out along the canal past Bishopbriggs. We had thought that we might come back through the golf course at Cadder but I was keen to get back and wasn't sure of the distance so we just did an out and back! (so little faith!)

It was quite a good route down to the canal. Always good to have a few alternatives up your sleeve! Being the longest run I have done in quite a while (probably about a year!) and having missed last weeks long run I just opted to 'run' and not worry about the pace!!

Felt quite good for most of it, managed to chat and what's more keep going. I borrowed 3 SIS gels from Robert as I need to get my system used to them before the big day! I had forgotten how disgusting they are though!! (Karen and I used to call them sensation breaks' no prizes for guessing why!) I think they upset my tummy too as I had to make an emergency dash into Lock 27!!

My legs felt tired by the end and I was very glad to finish!! Left quad is a bit tender but otherwise a good long run ticked off the plan!!

Now the challenge really begins...keeping it going on holiday!!

I will keep you posted!!


Thursday, 10 July 2008

Still wheezing

Ran early as yoga tonight!

Still wheezing so didn't worry about pace, chatted with Robert most of the way. It always takes me ages to get over a cold.


Wednesday, 9 July 2008


After feeling that the 4m run had helped yesterday I headed out of the door when Jeremy got do another short run. As I approached the loch it started beckoning me....reps, reps, reps! Hmmm...guess it wouldn't do any harm to do one and see how my system copes!

So I did.

Despite being certain that my lungs were on fire and I was going slower than I had ever gone before, and I might die before reaching the flying tree (which marks the end of the 1000m), I managed the first one in a pretty decent time!! So I did another. On the third I was starting to feel really wheezy and was contemplating leaving it at 3. Then my garmin battery died-decision made.

It was a lovely evening down at the Loch, the Cygnets are bigger than the ducks now, a result of 'concerned of Bearsden' feeding them Weetabix! There was a new batch of really tiny ducklings though, about 17 of cute!

3x1000m 4:07,4:08,4:08

Tuesday, 8 July 2008


Easy is the optimum word for my training when in fact none of it is feeling easy. I was desperate to get out for a run but adamant that I wasn't going to be stupid and end up with a chest infection!!

Instead of getting frustrated with the limits of my lungs I just ran as I could and enjoyed. Sounding like Mutley on every incline it was clear that the cold's still affecting me. Afterwards I felt much better though and head a lot clearer. I think as long as I take it slow this week I will manage to kick the phlegm!!


Ten thousand globules of moisture expelled at 40 miles per hour

This is the common cold. This is what has been occupying my system since Saturday afternoon!

Quite beautiful really when seen like this. What a clever little bugger it is too, coming back time and time again, wreaking havock on my training plan! Apparently dogs and cats don't get colds. Only Chimpanzees and Humans...

Saturday, 5 July 2008

6mi easy

Ran 6 miles easy.

Could feel a cold coming on.

Ran from house-Clobber-WHW-Milngavie-underpass-Station-Milngavie Road to Asda-West Chapleton-Drymen-Home


Thursday, 3 July 2008

Botanics and Back

Have a yoga session planned for tonight so had to get up early to fit a run in.

Arranged to meet Robert at 7am...helps me to get up knowing I have an arrangement!

We ran a route similar to last Thursday's but at Garscube cut in along the river. Then up into the Botanics at Kirklee and back along the Great Western Road-Switchback-Drymen.

Once more it was slower than I had hoped for, legs felt heavy and my breathing was all over the place for the first 4 miles! We took the 1st and last mile as a warm up and the middle 6 quite steady. (the plan was to do this at 7:30mm but there was no way I was going to manage that, I wish I could blame it on the early start, but I just don't have it at the moment.

Still it was a steady run and another day ticked off on the plan.

8m-1:08:35 average 8:34mm

Tuesday, 1 July 2008


Had promised the kids a fun session tonight. Given that it is now the Summer Holidays!

We only had about 30 kids in total so we brought all the groups together and had one big session. We did an endurance game followed by the usual British Bulldogs.

Afterwards I met Robert for the scheduled Tues Reps session. Colin had cried off choosing to play golf instead!

I just can't seem to get moving fast enough for these 1000's. My legs just won't go any faster. It was a good session though...I guess I will just have to keep trying and hope that the speed comes in time.

5x1000m 4:15,4:09,4:11,4:13,4:16