Thursday, 18 June 2009

New running chums

Tuesday saw the juniors 3k race up at Mugdock. I was last runner therefore didn't manage to get any photos of them but it was a great race with a turn out of 59 young athletes all ready to hit the trail!

I have to big up my wee boy Cody who finished in an amazing 12th place timing 13:09 not bad for an 8year old methinks!! And he managed to swallow a fly and keep running...

Yesterday I got myself down to Pollock police hut to meet up with a rather sporty chap named Roger. He organises the Athletics for Strathclyde Fire and Rescue and a few police join in too I believe, Wed and Sun every week. We ran around Pollock...I never started my watch as I thought we were warming up at first, but a good steady 45min+ run was what ensued. Along with plenty of chat, mostly by him as I was trying to keep up and not look like each incline was killing me!!

A BIG good luck to all you West Highland Wayers, not that any of you need it.....look forward to seeing some of you in Milngavie and reading your reports when you've all completed!! xx

Monday, 15 June 2009


While the kids were swimming tonight I decided to make the run a bit longer. I did a route I had done back in November. A six miler round the westend. I kept quite a steady pace but having forgotten my garmin I can't be sure of the time just that it was under 49 mins. It was a really enjoyable run and made me feel a little less slovenly! It was close and overcast and smelt a summery.

Cleveden High-Grt Western Rd-Bank Street-Kelvin Grove-Dunbarton Rd-Crow Rd- Anniesland Cross-Grt Western Rd. 6m

Suffering by proxy

Another week has flown in and here I am trying to remember what I have actually done! I ran with Karen on Thursday night...just a 4.5 mile route from the house. Great catch up but we really didn't break much of a sweat!

I was helping out at the Bearsden and Milngavie Highland games 10k on Saturday.....I should really have run it...I would have been the first female garscuber there were none!! Come on girls what's that all about? I took Lucie and Cody along who did a cracking job of harassing each staggering runner into accepting a banana and a bottle of water.

It was another great event and one of these fine years I WILL run it!

I was all too aware of the crazy people who were commencing the Cally Challenge at 10am on Saturday. My friends Colin and Craig were part of the team interestingly named "Gut Buster" who finished the 54mile walk in an amazing 20h16!! Well done boys...I did my bit by sending the odd bad joke to raise their spirits and toasting them on the hour every hour with my G'n'T-Miller-Corona-Stella-bud...lost track after that!

Also well done to fellow blogger Mrs Mac and her team Strathaven Stragglers who also completed in 23h27. I just can't even contemplate being on ma feet for that long!

On Sunday feeling a little worse for wear after the hard work of supporting Gut Busters into the early hours..(I was at a very fine wedding reception too) Karen and I ran 5 miles in and out of Mugdock. Just enough to sweat out the alcohol!

And so after a week end of witnessing others achievements and pain I feel the need to enter something...have a those legs a bit, feel the burn! Sometime soon I am going to start some proper training...honest!

Tuesday, 9 June 2009


Another quiet night meant that I joined the Mistress of torture for an hour and a half this morning. At this rate I am going to get really good!! I'm gonna feel that tomorrow!
I must have done something last night tho as I came home and slept for 2 hours....or maybe that was the effect of the yoga??!

Monday, 8 June 2009

Campsie Calling

I decided to do my long Sunday run today. I headed out to Strathblane with the plan to do an out and back along the old railway line towards Kirky. As I drove along Strathblane Rd I kept glancing over to the Campsies, they were almost shining in the sun and calling out to be done!

So when I got to the Kirky Inn I just kept driving untill I came to Campsie Glen. Parked up and hit the hills.

After the initial climb...of about 1700ft you hit the top, and boy does it feel like you'r on top of the world. Glasgow one way, Lomond the other..numerous munroes that I have yet to explore...I could see for miles.

Then you get to run along the top hitting cairn after cairn like a big dot to dot!

I struggle up the hills but I love coming down them...the journey back is a bit like white water rafting without the hour and a half later I was back at the car quads only slightly jellified.

Midgies, Buckie and some wrongly convicted fugitives

Not a lot of blogging due to the fact there has not been a lot of of running, I managed an easy 3 miles on Friday while Rory was at Hockey. I ran with Karen and Robert, but that's about it. Part of the reason for this is that the kids were off on Thursday due to the elections.

I elected to take the kids up to Loch Lomond to get eaten by midgies. Not sure what was happening up Drymen way but I found myself behind a van load of fugiatives from my past. Unfortunately it was totally lost on the kids but I suspect some of you will understand!

Here's a few snaps from the outing, we started at Rowardennan and wandered along the whw, had a picnic then came home before becoming completely polka dot.

Authentic scotland....

The weekend was spent in Clydebank where I'm delighted to say I did get out in the big red truck. Wahooo!
Have now got a couple of night shifts then a big long holiday!! I would
rather be finding my feet at the station but I guess I shouldn't complain!

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Hope and Despair in Clydebank

I ran a hot 3 miles yesterday just round the Asda route..not wanting to over do it before my 1st shift!

I could have run long.

The bells went alright but after a 3 hour induction and a mind blowing info over load it turned out I couldn't even go on the run. My helmet broke and there was no spare to be had. One of the guys took a trip up to Helensburgh (..where they fix them...) but it seems a SMALL helmet is just too hard to come by on a Monday night!

So I opened and shut the appliance bay and kicked around the station like a work experience kid while the rest of my watch flew in and out.

If only Subversive and I could have swapped roles for the night we would have both been happy!!

The up side is that I am feeling like I know the station pretty well, met my watch who are all great, and have plenty to get ma heid roond!

I also managed to hit my yoga class this morning with the newly names mistress of tourture jo to whom I am ever grateful that she keeps me a space at all. It was a great session even if I am a stiff old bird!