Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Munro Tuesday

Had an early start on Tuesday. Leaping out of bed at 5 30 (yes that was worthy of sarcasmaholics) and collecting Mick and BK for a hillwalking day just past Crainlarich.

Mick being our guide, I packed my tiny rucksack with lunch and a few layers and made the start by 8am!

It was a beautiful day and we got in a full 6h on the hills, The first Munro being Micks 100th! Meall Glas it was a marshy and boggy route up, quite steep in sections and a complete absence of paths, we were approaching from the South thus saving a longer time on the road through Killin.

We dropped and followed the ridge to the summit of Beinn Cheathaich which is to my horror NOT a Munro despite being over 900m! We then had another drop and climb to the summit of Sgaith Chuil which due to the route we took was a pretty steep climb before we could enjoy a stroll along the ridge to the summit.

The journey down was pretty straight forward until I went over on my ankle (the same one as I did in the Fling) and had to limp the last bit over the moor like ground. When we reached the river we all dispensed with the footwear and soaked our feet in the stream. eventually we pried ourselves away from the soothing water and headed for a bit of refreshments in the Bein Glas farm bar. bliss!

Total 6h

Monday, 24 May 2010


Ran three around the reservoir with Robert. it was a lovely day and the view was spectacular!

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Wednesdays Mugdock

Met karen and Mike for a run around Mugdock. Good patter good run. Legs definately starting to feel better and we even tackled a few muddy banks and 'inclines'! We ran from Karens through the park, across the road and the moor up the ridge and then back through the park again incorporating the horses field.

5.6 miles

Monday, 17 May 2010

Build up to training

Ive decided to get a bit better at logging runs, this is mainly because I need to get back into the habit of 'training' and not just going out for random runs at a comfortable pace. Proper trainng is set to start in the second week of june but I need to get back in the habit! So here goes:
Ran 3 mile out and back today from clober along the whw with Daisy. Ran out easy in 14 mins then turned and picked up the pace a little making it back in 12mins. Feel a little bit less sluggish, foot feeling better. The weather was stunning and it was pretty warm. Took Daisy with me too.

3m- 26mins

Saturday, 15 May 2010

This weeks runs

Still plodding in the guise of recovery this week...last weekend I had the pleasure of being accompanied by Craig, he was visiting from Canada, a seasoned marathon and half marathon runner, and a friend of my much missed pal Lesley who emigrated a few years back. I took him out along the west highland way (where else) for an easy 6m and then back to mine for a BBQ with his wife Alison and Daughter Amanda.

On Tuesday I helped out at the club team race, brilliant turn out. 103 finishers...102 times..glad its up to Robert to sort that out!

I popped out for a three miler and a four miler through the week, both felt harder and heavier than they should have..and I've a few wee niggles in my left foot still.I know it's probably just cause my legs are still a bit tired. Today I met Robert and Karen for a wee 4 miler.

I'm informed that hard training for the 5k begins 7th June...better enjoy the lull before then eh!?

Tuesday, 11 May 2010