Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Munro Tuesday

Had an early start on Tuesday. Leaping out of bed at 5 30 (yes that was worthy of sarcasmaholics) and collecting Mick and BK for a hillwalking day just past Crainlarich.

Mick being our guide, I packed my tiny rucksack with lunch and a few layers and made the start by 8am!

It was a beautiful day and we got in a full 6h on the hills, The first Munro being Micks 100th! Meall Glas it was a marshy and boggy route up, quite steep in sections and a complete absence of paths, we were approaching from the South thus saving a longer time on the road through Killin.

We dropped and followed the ridge to the summit of Beinn Cheathaich which is to my horror NOT a Munro despite being over 900m! We then had another drop and climb to the summit of Sgaith Chuil which due to the route we took was a pretty steep climb before we could enjoy a stroll along the ridge to the summit.

The journey down was pretty straight forward until I went over on my ankle (the same one as I did in the Fling) and had to limp the last bit over the moor like ground. When we reached the river we all dispensed with the footwear and soaked our feet in the stream. eventually we pried ourselves away from the soothing water and headed for a bit of refreshments in the Bein Glas farm bar. bliss!

Total 6h


FionaOutdoors said...

looks fab. good to see you joining the munro bagging clan! x

Debbie Martin-Consani said...

Aw, I miss hillwalking. I got to 100 when I was preggers with Cairn. Something had to give to keep up running, so that was it :-( Maybe after the WHWR we could have a we wander? x

許瑋菁 said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

Amy said...

I like the experience and the picture so nice. Great job!!!