Thursday, 12 November 2009


last weekend was a pretty busy shift..with all the bonfires and such. KAren and I braved the horrible weather and did a short 4.5m round mugdock and last night we met at mine and did another 4..
I didn't run on Tuesday but I did do something else.

Some of u may know that I had tickets to see the amzing Airbourne Toxic Event, (TATE) at the ABC...with a plan to meet Mrs Mac, DQ , Dino and Subversive.

Well against all the odds I did...and the gig was fantastic...moshed my way to the front and loved every second....they even had a little dallience with the Smiths.. shyness is nice and shyness can stop u..from doing all the things in life u'd like to....moving from Ask to Panic..(I was the only one singing along to that bit..think they all thought I had a secret Toxic album) but for me it was the icing on the cake to have made it one of my top gigs EVER!!

After the gig Jeremy and I managed to catch up with the others in a bar down the road..(to the right Sub!) And a few more drinks were drank and it was good. I was trying to see how good the video was (of the gig) on my phone....which got smashed at the gig...Not great sound but specially for those who were there who I doubt will's S A M. (Anyone not a the gig I'll put the shiny new video below instead.).

Friday, 6 November 2009

And Now for something Different...a word from my running mate Karen!

Having featured on Rachel’s blog more times than I can remember, I actually feel that I have accomplished my first Cameo Role……so without further ado, here goes!
Now I had a work meeting on Saturday, and Rachel had her usual run of hefty shifts from Thursday until Sunday this week, so we had to plan our long run around this. Let’s face it, she doesn’t exactly have a boring office job where she can sleep off the effects of a long run, combined with the all essential socialising tasks one must undertake of a weekend, so long on Sunday was off the table.
So, we agreed Friday night we would tackle 14 miles; now we don’t normally enjoy road running such distances, but being an evening run we decided to head off from Rachel’s, and meander through Milngavie and Hardgate until we reached the Erskine Bridge. It was a great night for such a target for the out and back run and the bridge provided a great vantage point for the variety of fireworks going off all around us.
On the return I needed to stop for the usual call of nature, and not running on our preferred terrain meant ‘the ever ready bushes’ to hide in were few and far between. Rachel suggested I use the loo of the pub The Lovat; now I’m not normally that shy, but hey, it was Friday night, and the last thing I wanted was to be spotted running into a pub with my running gear on, JUST to use the loo!!! I was already considering running in a balaclava incase anyone I knew passed us in their car; I almost made us a sign for the back of our rucksacks saying “it’s gin and tonic in our water bottles”. Anyway, on the way back the rain started and it didn’t seem to stop. It’s a slow slog back from the bridge with what seems to be a constant pull all the way back up to Milngavie; at times I felt I was running as slowly as treacle running through a sieve!!!
Well, one thing’s for sure, Rach and I can sure talk through a 14 miler, so I guess if we’d taken the G n T we’d probably still be out there:-)

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Trig Point 365

Was Dayshift on Thursday (5th) and should have therefore expected to be late...and so it was perhaps a little daft of me to arrange to run with the hill runners and invite Bob along..a Crew Commander from Springburn...who was also working!
But u can't not plan things can u?

As it turned out I recieved a txt from Bob to say he was on his way to 18:05...At that point I was heading down the Grt Western Rd in the big red the daylight faded the jets and rockets had decided to come out to us many oportunities to spoil everyones' fun by dumping a load of water on their lovely bonfires. Eventually we pulled into the station to hand over to N/S an hour and a half late.

Back at home Jeremy had been doing a little redirecting of his own and had sent Bob up the road to The Professor's house..the meeting point for the hill runners.

Knowing that they often don't leave on time I decided to try and catch them. This was not as hard as I had thought as I made it there before Superfit Dave!

And so it was, we did the trig point 365 catching a ww2 decoy bunker (Douglas Muir?) on the way.
At the top we had a pretty good view of the numerous fireworks being deployed and the occasional siting of a flashing blue light!! he he.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Mugdock-whw-Beech Trees

Following the wee runs through the week which I can't even remember now, Karen and I opted to have an 'easy' week and aim for 8 miles covering the all to familiar start of the WHW.
Now I enjoy running in the rain, and I am looking forward to some good hard winter training runs, but on this particular morning it was absolutely bucketing down and really uninviting.

Rather than setting of from the clock in Milngavie we decided to set of From Karens which is in Mugdock Village. Looping down to the the West highland way and hopefully adding on the extra mile we needed to make the run to the Beech trees a round 8..(why is this so important to me I don't know. But a run always has to end on a .5 or a whole one!)

So we was cold and wet but a fairly good run, we are so familiar with this route and so we managed to get a fair amount of chatting done before reaching the pub...

Unfortunately the pub wasn't open and so, realising that we had arrived at the destination half a mile short and before our taxi (Karens Husband (the VERY handy and musical) David we ran on a quarter of a mile and back to make up the distance!

No pics of the run this time although David did mention that he wished he had taken a shot of us shivering and huddled underneath the little information I'll post one of him..helping me with the shower room!

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Rowardennan-almost Inversnaid

OK So it has been noted that I haven't blogged for a wee while! I have however been that's ok I think!
I have run around the local streets in the rain a few times and I've gotten very wet and deserving of much coffee and cake.
On 23rd of October Karen and I decided to drive out to Rowardennan and run almost to Inversnaid and back...almost cause we were limiting ourselves to 12 miles and we figured the whole distance would be 14.

In the week leading up to this Karen was off on holiday and she had done a substantial amount of research regarding our commitment to the Fling...never one to do things by halves!! And so as I rolled her door..a bit late, missing a few items of clothing and a camel back full of water assembled wrongly. Karen was well prepared, she'd done the home work and had a camel back full of Nuun (cola flavoured), a 'bunch' of grapes, granola bars for the end and our very delicious favourite brand of hot chocolate.

Now this may sound excessive for a wee 12 miler and we have run this distance and more with a wee hand bottle but we decided to train as we plan to do the race..and get used to running with a bit of juice and whatever else we decide to test run.

And so that's what we did. We set off and hit the trail..a fairly undulating bit of the route (more so cause I had remembered it as pretty flat) and it was a bit drizzly...perfect for running. We took it easy as speed is not our focus and despite gasping up the 'inclines' at first we soon got into it, loving being out doing our long run on a Friday..while the rest of the world were at work or school.

The grapes were a big hit..and the Nuun was surprisingly good too..for marathons and training we've always used the sis gels...(or as we call them sensation breaks!) they do the job but I'm not sure I could stomach a whole 53 miles on them!!

When u get to the turning point on an out and back run in a location like Loch Lomond there's a temptation to carry's just so beautiful and fresh and you feel so good...on this occasion there was further reason as a keen looking guy had agilely picked his way along the path behind us and caught up with a certain amount of ease. I wasn't surprised to find that he was a crazy man called Murdo (the other one) and by crazy I mean it in the nicest possible the way that my friends have been calling me crazy woman since I told them about the race...ok they may have a point..but I mean that Murdo was instantly recognizable as a whw race regular. Underplaying his achievements..just out for a wee stroll kind of chat...yea right!!

Anyway we were so busy chatting to him we over shot a bit. The look on his face when we turned just half a mile shy of Inversnaid was a 'how can u get so close and turn here?'

Worry not..we will return and do it soon....and more. And hope to bump into Murdo...BTW

And so we returned just making it to the car b4 a really heavy downpour, steamin the windows up with the hot chocolate and munching on granola. Fabtastic.
13 miles in all.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Game ON!

Something I think I forgot to mention in my last post was that I have finally done it...after months of reading and watching the efforts of mentalists who think that 26.2 miles is for sissys, I've decided that it's time to see what all the fuss is about...My name is on the list..for the Fling. And so 'game on!'

Upon mentioning my intentions to my good friend Karen..expecting her to do the honourable thing and talk me out of it..she also said..'game on!' And so it is that we have been hounding the experienced among you for advice (If we haven't yet we will!)...sorry!

So taking our committment seriously we set out today to make a start at upping our weekend mileage..a dreicht day but a good run all the same..we did the undulating strathblane route to Killearn and back..the shorter version as we really haven't been doing many long runs lately..10.4 in total.

It was a cold wet run..low mist clinging to Dumgoyne throughout the duration of our run...I'm sure it was a nice day above the cloud!

And the coffee, eggs and tattie scones tasted extra good afterwards!!

And now for a game of Spot the Difference!

Saturday, 17 October 2009

DAAA XC Relays

I was working Mon-Thurs this week so I squeezed in a couple of short runs through the week but nothing spectacular.
Thursday N?S I get a text from Maz..garscube Ladies captain, seems she was keen to get a couple of runners to make up a 5th team for the DAAA xc that was to be held at Garscube on, following the advice of one Davie Hall, to do as many xc as possible I felt I couldn't say no...I was going to be there as Registration official anyhow!

11:30 on Saturday I roll up to's a lovely day but I spend the following two hours in the basement allocating numbers....time flies when you're having fun!

Both Cody and Lucie took part in the U11 race with fab results...Cody was the 4th boy and Lucie was just a minute behind him! Well done kids.

Abandoning my post at 13:35 for a race that starts at 13:50 I did a very short warm up and hit the starting pen for the first leg.
Now I am not good at xc, it plays hell with my lungs and I am not good at short stuff but I do know it's good training...

So I set off and by the first corner I knew the pace was way too fast for me...The first leg runners were meaning business and I would have keeled over if I had taken them on! So I killed my pace untill I could breathe once more and tried to focus on my own race..not the fact I was so slow by comparison.

The Garscube course is pretty good as it's a bit trail and not too much gloopy field, I could do with out the bits around the pitches though...boring..

As I settled into a slightly more doable pace I could tell Mo wasn't far behind me, and I have to say it was her that kept me going...

I love the last bit of the route...through the overgrown path by the river..bamboos and all sorts..I take the kids along this route quite often as it's very jungle like! It was a great relief to get to this section as I knew I was nearly there...
I was up against some pretty nifty runners in that first leg and so I didn't do too badly with 9th out of 15th placing...full results are here

Stephanie and Karen made up the rest of the team both doing good times and a promise to do more!!

Well done to the Garscube ladies A team who wiped the board!

And I did work hard!

Sunday, 11 October 2009

facebook friends

Today I ran a few miles round Mugdock with Karen. Robert joined us for the first 1.5 but had to quit due to a calf injury.

It was such changeable weather I didn't know what to wear and I was a bit on the toasty side..still we werent exactly reaching race pace so I survived!

As ambled along one of the forest pathways we encountered a group walking with a border collie who was sporting a giant stick... We had one of those polite 'annoyed I have to stop running to navigate around your dog but I'm glad it's not biting me' moments trying to dodge the dog and not even looking at the owners we eventually carried on past them, they were a tad embarrassed.

I forwarded a couple of pictures of the run to facebook, and logged on a little later to see how they'd come out. A comment on the pictures already, from an old school friend Russell-used to help me out with my paper round on really ghastly mornings at 6am many moons ago.....

"Ah, so it was you my Border Collie tried to trip up! Sorry"
(note that school was 320 miles south of here in cheshire!)

Small world eh! And we didn't even recognise each other!

Anyway the run was the best part of 6miles followed by coffee eggs and tattie scones...bliss

Saturday, 10 October 2009


Ran 3 after work..trying to get out more! Really need some new road shoes...

Friday, 9 October 2009


Having had a week of little running it was good just to get out of the door and the short 3 became a slightly longer jaunt of 4.6.

Once showered and fed I got round to watching the adventure show from last week, covering this years whw race.... Boy do I feel feeble for having only ever done a marathon...I wonder...

Saturday, 3 October 2009

McAndrew Road Relay Race 2009

Well I bit the bullet and got my racing vest out for the McAndrew relay today. I woke up feeling pretty rotten with the start of a head cold.(..just in time for returning to work.)
I pitched up at 14.20 feeling slightly nervous as it's been over a year since I last did a race (not including the mugdock one which was too much fun to count!)There were tons of Garscubes there, I think there were 5 women's teams alone.

I was on the last leg of three with debs doing second and Emma taking first. That meant waiting around in the stormy conditions for a good 20 -25 minutes at least..Of course with 15 minutes to go I realised I really needed to p but I was a bit wary as I know Deb's has turned into a real speedster and I didn't want to underestimate her time. So I just crossed my legs and hoped that I would finish the run before I p'd my pants.

I had a good chat with loads of folk I haven't seen for ages. A really good atmosphere. Kept my mind off the race and the course which I wasn't sure of!

As the third leg runners were called into the pen it felt like the wind whipped up and reports were coming back from those who had done the first-or in some cases the second- that there was a hellish head wind throughout most of the course. Great!
Rain, snow sleet I can handle but wind...yuck.

So as Debs wee cap appeared over the brae, Jill confirmed my vision with a back up call, I readied myself at the starter..and went.

Round the first two corners...keep it steady..don't kill yourself in the first mile (I know but remember I haven't raced for a forget basic race rules and start doing stupid things if you're not careful!) as I turned onto Anniesland Rd the full force of the head wind hit me...and it was definitely there! I glanced at my watch..thinking I would be happy to be doing 8mm and to my surprise I was maintaining somewhere around 7:15..would I be able to keep it up though..had I broken the 1st rule already?

Concentrating on keeping it steady I realised that I was closing the gap on the runners ahead and so I focused on them.

It wasn't long before i heard the sound of footsteps closing in behind me...the first on the men, on their 4th leg! Oh well to have legs THAT long and THAT fast...

I was feeling quite good, believing that I could keep the pace up for the 3.25 miles..then the hills started. it was on these that despite slowing I manged to pull in the two women in hit the final stretch they put up a bit of a fight which brought out that little competitive edge that rears it's head occasionally and forced me on to stay in front of them...I hadn't worked that hard to loose in the last few hundred yards!

I have no idea about places but on a personal level I was delighted with the run and really quite surprised that i had it in me to pick up the pace. The will hasn't been there for a while and I hope that this really is the start of a new running phase!

Splits: 4:24, 4:35, 4:32, 4:37, 4:33...(last 0.15m 1:01)
3.26m 23:43 average 7:17mm


I have been running..... a bit
I did go away for the September weekend for a short visit in a lovely cottage near Kelso en masse
I can't get my phone to upload any photo's cause it's rubbish. The only way I can do it is by mobile up load to face book. Hence no photo's cause of pc rage every time I try.

I have committed to doin the Mc Andrew relay later today..just a short one, I'm rubbish at short ones.
Will let you know how I get on!
I am also planning to do a x country race in Buckinghamshire with the SFR athletics club next weekend..maybe my running is about to pick up a bit more direction after all!

I'm also coming to the end of my 20 days off and am set to return to the action packed streets of Clydebank on Sunday...whoopeee!

Friday, 18 September 2009

Boring but necessary catch up.

Ran on Monday with Karen up in Mugdock...not sure how far!!
Yoga tues...don't think I'm getting any better!!
Kids 3k race tues night..brilliant turn out of over 85 juniors from different clubs. Midgies feasted well that night!
Ran 6.5 tonight...decided to put a bit of effort in and go for as reasonable pace as I could...53 mins...speed work only thing that can help me now!! Was a lovely evening round the streets of bearsden tho.

Seems work just can't be without me for a whole 20 shift in and they need me back...ahh, just for a day!

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Turbo x magic

Had a few good runs this week. Notably Wednesday evening I had a wee 5m saunter around Mugdock with Karen and her neighbour Mike...whom she has convinced to run the turbo x too. We did a recce of some of the course, it was pretty boggy due to the huge amount of rain, but then that's the idea I think!

Thursday and Friday slipped by with work and suddenly I found myself waking up on Saturday morning to a beautiful blue sky and blazing sun. Turbo x day!

So I zipped up to Karens where our team of two had grown to 5, Mike the aforementioned neighbour, Sharon and Carrie more friends of Karens, they were set to do the Monster this weekend but were let down by two of their team mates and so differred to the x instead!

We dumped clothes and piled into Mikes car. Drove the mile down the road to the visitor centre which was already buzzing with pre race vibes.

After collecting our chips we chatted to a few familiar faces including Robert McFarlane (who had a great first off road run), did a small warm up and joined the start queue!! As we lined up I was tapped on the shoulder by a big bloke...:"are you a firefighter?"
me : "err yes!"
turned out I had been spotted at the secc the day before...the crew I was with had been sent down to the Rescue on the clyde with the MIU. Bob turned out to be a crew commander from Springbun, he and Michelle were running to raise money for Ewan Williamson the Firefighter who lost his life in Edinburgh in July. With them and also running was a member of Ewans watch from Tollcross.

So the race began, the closest thing I have done to this kind of race was the Mont Blanc Marathon, all off road, few less hills!! The mood was great and everyone seemed up for what was to follow.

Given that we had agreed to run for fun and as a 'team' we slotted in at the rear, if racing you really would need to be near the front as passing places were few in many stretches of the course.

It was suitably muddy and some areas had been dug out and replaced with peaty slurry...thighs on some, waist high on me!!

Towards the end we hit the 'turbo zone' a timed mile section that is a little extra muddy-at one point I was pulling myself free using a tree trunk such was the suction of the gloop-i think the winning time of this section was about 10 mins.

The total course length was 10.3m I did a bit of running back and forth as I just can't do down hill slow and in a neat traffic jam, but I did double back a few times so my watch read 11.5m

It was a fab morning and the goody bag was great too. A salomon tec tee shirt, water bottle (although mine was missing) drinks, shakes, munchies, facepacks, soaps etc.

It reminded me of how much fun it is to take part and now I'm just looking for the next one....definately going to do the Mighty Deerstalkeer that I pulled out of last your...meanwhile...any suggeation?Karen and Mike

Thanks to Robert for the photos.

Monday, 7 September 2009

Another week's flown by

Another week has flown in. What have I done? Few wee runs, ran 5 on tuesday, after yoga...which did nearly kill me! A wee run with Rory who did really good.

Ran a little over 4 with Karen on Saturday up and around Mugdock...we were both feeling gubbed and it was good that we had each other to get us out the door. I could have willingly not bothered. it was a wwet miserable morning. As usual felt great, after!!

Night shift went on for ever on Saturday night, didn't get home till 12 noon...making it an 18hr shift...then I volunteered to take Rory to the west distrct hockey trials. Thought I might snooze in the car while 'watching' but it didn't happen.

When the girls arrived for the ceramics in the evening I felt a little bad as I was knackered and one glass of wine just tipped the no running yesterday!

Today Karen picked me up in her brand new wheels :-) oooo yeeees the much anticipated, deep blue pristine SLK. Nice! Can I get one?

We drove down to garscube and ran along the kelvin to the Kelvin Grove and back, clocking up a sedate (trundlu=ing and slightly gasping)8 miles in 1h 11m.

All the movie catering vans were out in force...word has it that Euan McGreggor is filming his new film there K Grove), we did two laps of them but didn't lay eyes on a single celeb. Wonder if he'd remember me from the time I saw him in Guys and Dolls....???

Finally my Turbo x entry arrived just now.....number 1282. Check out this route...can't wait!

Monday, 31 August 2009


Ran three on Friday around Tesco and Milngavie, 4.38 with Karen on Saturday out along the west highland way and back after a pretty quiet shift.
Hit Clydebank with the watch ridiculously early..17:30 which can only lead to well I really don't know...thought I would have remembered somethin by now but no luck...will tell you when I do! Not been sacked yet so it must have been within the law!

Anyway feeling pretty delicate on Sunday, Karen was good enough to meet me for a run along the canal, towards Dunbarton taking a few little detours to the Clyde along the footpaths. We followed the cycle path from Bowling hitting the top end of the Dunbarton 10k route before turning.
We weren't aiming to run fast, Karen having an Achilles niggle still and a little indulgence of her own....(almost new Let me have a shot;-))causing a bit of the favoured bubbly to be drunk in Hoose de K on Sat night. We did notice however that we kept having to slow down on the way back managing the odd sub way too fast for an easy Sunday don't you think!!

So I have today entered myself for the Saab Salomon Turbo X, Mugdock

For those who can't be bothered to follow the link here's what it says..

TURBO X IS PURE FILTH! The maddest, muddiest run of the Saab Salomon Trail Running Series and will not disappoint with 10 miles of the gnarliest mix of mud, sweat and trail! Hidden within a natural assault course of water, sand, marsh and muck lurks the SAAB X ZONE.... A 1- 2 mile section of the craziest trail terrain to push your stamina, agility and perseverance to the limit! You'll wade through watery wildness, clamber through mud, sand and bog, charging your way through the roughest off road track you can imagine!

Of course I run round Mugdock ever hard can it be??!!

BTW I have titled this post turbo x with the hope that if I say it enough my running will start to be a little more turbo loaded....andn whatever the x stands for!
8m- 1:10

Friday, 28 August 2009

Who would of thought....

Those of you from around here will know that there has been a proliferation of shiny new PPI secondary schools appearing over the last wee while. Most of them opening this term.

A timely turnout for me this morning found me scouring one such building for a randomly numbered smoke detector. Whilst in the process of executing this duty I found myself staring disbelievingly at a tidy row of hair straighteners in the girls changing areas!! I won't go into too much detail about my school way back when, it was a good school but a hair dryer was not part of it's inventory...and the thought of the mankey cracked tiles, the side sprinkler shower run and the PE teacher Miss Sparks who used to stand at the end of it 'checking you were 'wet' (WTF); even though Tom cruise in mission impossible couldn't have got through that thing without getting wet!) still sends shivers down my spine.

So here I am staring at this classy row of hair straighteners and this sketch just popped into my head:

Thursday, 27 August 2009

another 3

Ran three this morning out around Milngavie and back. Twas a very fine morning.
Any one else notice this story... (note to Subversive..don't get any silly ideas now!!)

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Perfectly timed

Well I was all set and ready to run last night when MR S got in, but as he did he reminded me that it was his yoga night...damn. Not that I take that away from him...but I was all set with garmin ready and shorts on adn there's nothing worse than taking your kit off without the run before!

Today I was on an RTC course cutting up cars and getting slightly overheated in the all black jumpsuit that SFR deem suitable for such activities. When I got home I was keen to get out and make up for last nights missed run.

I took the car down to clobber car park and ran out along the whw to the Carbeth huts, up the ridge back through the stock fields and the steps toreturn to the whw for the last mile or so. Total of 7 miles in an ok 1:02:04 (to be exact!!)

It was a lovely eavening despite a moody set of clouds, I timed it perfectly as I got back to the car just as the light was failing and the car park was becoming frequented by those who didn't look like they were there to walk their dog!

One of the randomly selected tunes on the old ipod was this which I hadn't listened to for ages.

All that I can I can to myself I call.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Giant bike

Ran three on Friday and Saturday myself then met Karen this morning to do 6 along the canal. Her Achillies had been playing up so we decided to keep it relatively flat and short. We left the car at Westerton and did three out towards clydebank...the Playdrome marking the three mile turnaround point and much needed loo stop! The above is a picture of KAren with the Giant Bike that marks the canal.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Three shorts

Been out for three short 3 mile runs so far this week. Mon Tues and today. All took far more effort to get over the threshold than the actual runs themselves! Have been quite busy at work with one thing and another so it's not like I've been sitting on my ass!! Here's a few pics to prove it! The mobile fire training unit was based Clydebank and so Brooksy (the other newbie) and I got the opportunity to brush up on our skills!

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Menacing Coo

Not a bad weekend running wise. The heavens have been opened and it seems a more traditional Glasgow summer has reared it's head.
Yesterday the plan was to meet at Karens at 9 am. Lying awake through the night listening to the wind howling and the rain lashing down like something from a low budget know where the rain is clearly being released from a large container just out of sight! A few texts passed between us in the early hours but we decided to stick to the plan. The roads were flooded but the wee bike made it through them without aqua-planing or needing the services of Knightswood water rescue. And so a 6m run was had.

We ran down to Blanefield then back up the ridge, we were pretty soaked but it was actually good to be out in the more familiar weather, in some places up to our ankles in mud. Then back to K's for a coffee!

Today the plan was pretty much the same but we ran out from Strathblane along the old railway line. Wet and blustery. About 1.5m in we came across a large coo that had strayed from the herd..onto the path. Now I am generally not too bad around large beasts but this moo coo didn't look happy to see us, menacingly slapping her tail around like ermintrude on a bad day...we chickened out and climbed the barbed fence to get around her. Satisfied she trotted off down the path the other way (laughing to herself). A mile or so on we were ambling along when there was a very coo like snort right behind us...both thinking that we were being charged by the herd we leapt a mile only to find it was a fellow he made that noise I don't know!

Anyway we made it back against the wind...resistance is good...more confident to pass the menacing coo. Maybe she was off to Southend!


Friday, 14 August 2009

Even 6

Ran down to the clock today for 9 am to meet with Robert and Karen. They were doing a recovery 3. Chatting and ambling along at a leisurely pace, discussing Roberts plans for his 5 course charity dinner he's bravely organising this weekend in support of Breast cancer. I then ran the remainder home through Lennox park to make an even 6 miles. Pretty rubbish weather but not a problem for running.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009


Ran 4 from the house. sluggish but out!

Monday, 10 August 2009


Got out for a 3 miler round tesco loop after spending the day cutting up cars!.

Sunday, 9 August 2009


Time has slipped by. The family are all away visiting the outlaws down south. I thought I would have loads of time to spare but it has proved otherwise!

I've done the usual wee runs, had a great hill run with Superfit dave and The proffessor up the slacks last week....Superfit Dave led us to recent find of his...A very large metal safe. How/why do people get these things to the top of highly inaccessible hills?

I also went over to the Orienteering 6day event in Perth which was an experience. I didn't actually do the orienteering bit but having got the train to Perth Station I ran to the event which was as good as, since I didn't know where I was going!

I popped into Dundee to see my 'recently escaped from London' friends Sam and Gary and their two gorgeous babies...and Garys other baby below....

Thursday, 23 July 2009


Not much running as been to Alton Towers this week...lot's of walking and getting very wet!
Ran about 4 miles in cheshire this morning and was reminded how lovely the cheshire countryside smells...Farm fresh! Jeeesh.

It is good to hit familiar roads...with many secrets of a miss spent youth..lets just keep them that way hey!!

A lovely bit of wattle on daub don't you think!

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Sunday six

came off night shift planning to run straight away but the family had needs, Rory needed shoes for his holidays and so off he went with his dad while I entertained Lucie and Cody. It was 12ish before I could fit a run in and so I had to keep it relatively short. I ran from home round the reservoir, a route I cannot do without hearing Morrisey in my head....'you have never been in love, until you've seen the stars reflected in the reservoir.' I must pop up there in the winter one clear night and see for myself!

I was a fresh run, the cool westerly breeze present that I had heard mentioned by the weather girl! Got completely drowned in the last mile...twice. I love runnin in torrential rain...makes me feel about 10!!

Here's moozzer hisself! My kids love this track!!

Friday, 17 July 2009

Home run

Ran home from work for the first time! It's not far but it is all up hill! Will take garmin and measure it tomorrow! Somewhere between 3 and 4 miles!

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

late 4 miler.

Another busy school holiday day. I am no longer in control, before I know it the kids have made all their social arrangements and my diary is filled with accommodating them! Just when did that happen??

At 21:40 last night I sneaked out for a short run..4 miles down Milngavie Rd to Canniesburn and back. 32 mins. Off to see what the natives of Clydebank have in mind for me this week..

Monday, 13 July 2009

With life comes loss

Went out for a 3 mile recovery tonight, Tesco route.

I was so lost in thought that I was shocked to look at my garmin and see that I had nearly finished without thinking about it. The fastest recovery I've done in a while.....
That's running for you, it clears your mind and creates a bit of space to work out what's actually going on in there!

My thoughts were with the news that today has brought, and why it should affect me. I have no real link with any of the tragic events that have occured. Dario the whw way race organiser. The L and B Firefighter or the latest young boys out in Afghanistan. Just a feeling of sadness that with life comes loss, and death is often so unfair in who it chooses.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

A Run!

Well you wait and wait and then all the buses come at once. I have had the busiest shift so far and have failed to fit in a run all week. Correcting this I headed out tonight but being aware that I haven't seen much of the kids limited it to around 9 miles.

It was a lovely evening and I ran from the house, ipod intact, down the wedge to the West of Scotland rugby club (APPROX 1.5M), from there I did the M & B 10k. I am getting to really like this route as it gives good views and is a change from the usual routes I do. It's country lanes that are mostly quiet. And the hills are the nice know the rolling ones that you can work your way up without loosing too much pace!
When I hit milngavie I cut through the town centre, up Craigdu and home through the wedge again.

I started my garmin but annoyingly must have knocked the stop button at 5m. I was doing around 8-8:30mn pace. Felt a niggle in my left knee, not sure where that has come from!

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Welcome yoga

Went to yoga at blanefield straight from one of the busiest days I've had since starting! I was pretty tired but the yoga sorted me out. It was a great session and the focus was welcome! Nearly fell asleep in relaxation session though!

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Ben Vane bagged at last!

Today I woke up early, the sun was shining, after a few days of intense decorating I decided it was time for some air, for me and the kids. We hit the hills...the one we have unfinished business with. remember..back in January? That's right...Ben Vane! A munro in the Arrochar Alps reaching 915m.

And so we set off with a picnic and a munro in mind.

We left the Inveruglas car park at 10am and hit the trail. map in hand.

Cody was a little unenthusiastic at first but by the time we had reached the bottom of the mountain he was more open to the idea.

Rory was complaining about blisters half way up...I was not impressed as he had insisted on wearing an old pair of hand me down hiking boots instead of his own with school socks it turned out! So I told him to get on with it..caring huh!

Anyway it was a fabulous day...Cody lead us up not always the most straight forward route but by far the most exciting.

We made the top in 2h40mins which I thought wasn't too bad!

The picnic was quickly devoured as was the view!

On the way down Cody once more chose the tricky route....only getting himself in a fix once!! He sat happily swinging his legs...and believe me it was pretty steep....when I reached him his words were..."well you're a firefighter's your job to rescue me!" Cheeky wee rascal!

I finally took pity on Rory realising that the boots he had on were a size 5. I switched footwear with him...see I do care, and he was fine after that.

Here's a few more pics.

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Sunday run

Things have been a bit chaotic with the school hols , weekends become meaningless and blurr into the week. it got to Sunday evening before I was able to get out for a run. Ran from the house. Not sure where I was going to go but having taken a roundabout way to milngavie found myself pounding along the all to familiar whw. Ran out until I got to the brick wall/style which has now sadly become a rather boring metal gate! WTF! then swooped right to head back up stockiemuir and back through Mugdock. Finished around 10pm just ready for a nice cold beer!


Thursday, 2 July 2009


School Hols!!! Help! Extraordinarily hot weather!! Help!!

Trust me to get a job which requires me to wear a BLACK uniform as the light option and extra thick Kevlar gear the rest of the time just when Scotland goes continental!!

I think I have sweat at least half my body weight and I haven't even been near a fire yet!!

I popped down to the start of the west Highland way race where I was dazed and confused by the sheer number of peeps carrying out their own special pre race rituals. It was a pleasure to see and wave them all off from the prime viewing point on the wall in Milngavie. (Thanks Deb, would ha been lost wi out ya)Well done to all who did it..totally blows my mind!! It was great to meet Davie at last, sorry I didn't spot subversive and Mrs Mac tho.

Despite a lack of blogging about it I have been out running pretty much 5 or 6 times a week. Not always long but running all the same. I ran with Roger of SFR last Wednesday despite being very hung over, and run we did. All around Pollock Park, it was a great work out and much faster than I would have done alone.

There was a longer run last weekend along the strathblane-killearn-whw route. And a few wee jaunts around Mugdock. One with Daisy ma wee dug who never ceases to amaze me, she just runs and runs!Managed to make a couple of torturous yoga classes followed by the delights of the Blane Valley Inn, this was a surprise to the two locals who have never seen women before it seems! And so it goes...

Thursday, 18 June 2009

New running chums

Tuesday saw the juniors 3k race up at Mugdock. I was last runner therefore didn't manage to get any photos of them but it was a great race with a turn out of 59 young athletes all ready to hit the trail!

I have to big up my wee boy Cody who finished in an amazing 12th place timing 13:09 not bad for an 8year old methinks!! And he managed to swallow a fly and keep running...

Yesterday I got myself down to Pollock police hut to meet up with a rather sporty chap named Roger. He organises the Athletics for Strathclyde Fire and Rescue and a few police join in too I believe, Wed and Sun every week. We ran around Pollock...I never started my watch as I thought we were warming up at first, but a good steady 45min+ run was what ensued. Along with plenty of chat, mostly by him as I was trying to keep up and not look like each incline was killing me!!

A BIG good luck to all you West Highland Wayers, not that any of you need it.....look forward to seeing some of you in Milngavie and reading your reports when you've all completed!! xx

Monday, 15 June 2009


While the kids were swimming tonight I decided to make the run a bit longer. I did a route I had done back in November. A six miler round the westend. I kept quite a steady pace but having forgotten my garmin I can't be sure of the time just that it was under 49 mins. It was a really enjoyable run and made me feel a little less slovenly! It was close and overcast and smelt a summery.

Cleveden High-Grt Western Rd-Bank Street-Kelvin Grove-Dunbarton Rd-Crow Rd- Anniesland Cross-Grt Western Rd. 6m

Suffering by proxy

Another week has flown in and here I am trying to remember what I have actually done! I ran with Karen on Thursday night...just a 4.5 mile route from the house. Great catch up but we really didn't break much of a sweat!

I was helping out at the Bearsden and Milngavie Highland games 10k on Saturday.....I should really have run it...I would have been the first female garscuber there were none!! Come on girls what's that all about? I took Lucie and Cody along who did a cracking job of harassing each staggering runner into accepting a banana and a bottle of water.

It was another great event and one of these fine years I WILL run it!

I was all too aware of the crazy people who were commencing the Cally Challenge at 10am on Saturday. My friends Colin and Craig were part of the team interestingly named "Gut Buster" who finished the 54mile walk in an amazing 20h16!! Well done boys...I did my bit by sending the odd bad joke to raise their spirits and toasting them on the hour every hour with my G'n'T-Miller-Corona-Stella-bud...lost track after that!

Also well done to fellow blogger Mrs Mac and her team Strathaven Stragglers who also completed in 23h27. I just can't even contemplate being on ma feet for that long!

On Sunday feeling a little worse for wear after the hard work of supporting Gut Busters into the early hours..(I was at a very fine wedding reception too) Karen and I ran 5 miles in and out of Mugdock. Just enough to sweat out the alcohol!

And so after a week end of witnessing others achievements and pain I feel the need to enter something...have a those legs a bit, feel the burn! Sometime soon I am going to start some proper training...honest!

Tuesday, 9 June 2009


Another quiet night meant that I joined the Mistress of torture for an hour and a half this morning. At this rate I am going to get really good!! I'm gonna feel that tomorrow!
I must have done something last night tho as I came home and slept for 2 hours....or maybe that was the effect of the yoga??!

Monday, 8 June 2009

Campsie Calling

I decided to do my long Sunday run today. I headed out to Strathblane with the plan to do an out and back along the old railway line towards Kirky. As I drove along Strathblane Rd I kept glancing over to the Campsies, they were almost shining in the sun and calling out to be done!

So when I got to the Kirky Inn I just kept driving untill I came to Campsie Glen. Parked up and hit the hills.

After the initial climb...of about 1700ft you hit the top, and boy does it feel like you'r on top of the world. Glasgow one way, Lomond the other..numerous munroes that I have yet to explore...I could see for miles.

Then you get to run along the top hitting cairn after cairn like a big dot to dot!

I struggle up the hills but I love coming down them...the journey back is a bit like white water rafting without the hour and a half later I was back at the car quads only slightly jellified.

Midgies, Buckie and some wrongly convicted fugitives

Not a lot of blogging due to the fact there has not been a lot of of running, I managed an easy 3 miles on Friday while Rory was at Hockey. I ran with Karen and Robert, but that's about it. Part of the reason for this is that the kids were off on Thursday due to the elections.

I elected to take the kids up to Loch Lomond to get eaten by midgies. Not sure what was happening up Drymen way but I found myself behind a van load of fugiatives from my past. Unfortunately it was totally lost on the kids but I suspect some of you will understand!

Here's a few snaps from the outing, we started at Rowardennan and wandered along the whw, had a picnic then came home before becoming completely polka dot.

Authentic scotland....

The weekend was spent in Clydebank where I'm delighted to say I did get out in the big red truck. Wahooo!
Have now got a couple of night shifts then a big long holiday!! I would
rather be finding my feet at the station but I guess I shouldn't complain!

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Hope and Despair in Clydebank

I ran a hot 3 miles yesterday just round the Asda route..not wanting to over do it before my 1st shift!

I could have run long.

The bells went alright but after a 3 hour induction and a mind blowing info over load it turned out I couldn't even go on the run. My helmet broke and there was no spare to be had. One of the guys took a trip up to Helensburgh (..where they fix them...) but it seems a SMALL helmet is just too hard to come by on a Monday night!

So I opened and shut the appliance bay and kicked around the station like a work experience kid while the rest of my watch flew in and out.

If only Subversive and I could have swapped roles for the night we would have both been happy!!

The up side is that I am feeling like I know the station pretty well, met my watch who are all great, and have plenty to get ma heid roond!

I also managed to hit my yoga class this morning with the newly names mistress of tourture jo to whom I am ever grateful that she keeps me a space at all. It was a great session even if I am a stiff old bird!

Sunday, 31 May 2009

Dumgoyne by summer!

Where else would I have wanted to be this morning. 24 degrees, blue sky and Scotland is the bees knees!

Rory is at a footy tournament all day and so I wasn't sure that I'd fit a run in at all. I managed and Karen and I hauled our butts up Dumgoyne and what a pleasure it was. We ran over the top, down the steep bit and up the next one...whatsitcalled!
We reminisced about doing the same run in the snow...and hail! The views were out of this world and 10 times as good as the pics. I love it when you feel you're on top of the world.
Karen making her descent down the steep side.

1 week 1 post

Wow. It's about the longest I haven't posted since I started this blog.

Partly it's down to time but mainly down to the fact that the computer's never free when I am. Anyway, while I have a few minutes on it I will do a spot of catching up!!

Runs of note were..last Sunday. I decided to run from Mugdock across to Carbeth...ramble style...then try and locate the waterfall I had been to on the Thursday night with Superfit Dave!

3 hours later I had still not found the waterfall but had legs ripped to F and nettle stings up to my pants! Had scrambled over numerous barbed wire fences and made it back to the car. Objective may have failed but it was one hell of a run!! Dave will you show me the way again??!!

On Monday I took the boys for a 3 miler, tesco route, they were great and got all their chat...which is always an achievement!

Tues I went down to coach the kids at the club, they are all great and it was a pleasure to be back. Quite a few new faces as a result of the April intake..all keen...

Thursday was a beautiful evening and so while Rory was at Footy I took myself off to do the Bearsden and Milngavie 10k route. It was a great run, I didn't knock my pan in but I still worked...48 mins.

Friday I jumped over the final hurdle before deemed fit to be let loose on the public...then...get this...I was I.D'd in Asda!!!! WTF! How good is that. I don't care if the woman was needin' glasses, or the lighting's bad in there. So I had to get my beer elsewhere! No thanks to my best pal Val who, upon being told my story, gasped and with much emotion say 'UNBELIEVABLE!!!' Who needs enemies with friends like this hey!:-) The evening turned into a good one with triple measures of the very fine and notable Balmore darkest. Believe me the delicate state I found myself in on Sat am was worth it but a Sat run was out of the question.

Here's some pictures from last Thursdays run when I did get to the waterfall!!