Sunday, 31 August 2008

10 miles

I was meant to run 20 today. I wasn't sure how I would be after the physical test but it seemed that it was just my arms that were suffering.

I decided to get out there and see how it went!

I met Robert and we set off at an easy pace to test the damage!! By the 3rd mile I knew that it was a bad idea for me to do the full 20. The tops of my calves were suffering and the back of my knees. The result of running in Firefighters boots! The extra weight had left it's mark.

I was really reluctant to cut the 20 miler as it is officially the last 20 miler I have scheduled before the marathon. While I know it is a bad idea to play catch up I am trying to work out if there is another opportunity...I think I need it on a psychological level!

My body did feel like it had run 20 and we really picked the pace up in the last 2 miles. Lifting the slow pace to around 7:30mm


Saturday, 30 August 2008

Firefighters Physical

I took part in the Firefighters Physical test today at Cowcaddens Fire Station.

It involved a whole lot of running about in rather awkward firefighters attire...not an easy task. Especially the boots and the huge cumbersome gloves!

The tests involved reeling out and carrying hoses. Carrying weights set distances. Ladder climbing. Body dragging. Crawling round a big cage with a blackout mask on. Assembling bits of equipment...with gloves on!

It was a real experience and I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed it. The canteen did a fab bacon butty too.

I left with arms like jelly though.

Friday, 29 August 2008

West End 10

The second week running (scuse the pun) that I have broken my 'never run on a Friday' rule.

I had an evening run down to the west end and back. It was my usual route Maryhill QMD, Grt Wstn, Switch back.

As I didn't get out till 7 30pm the comments received down the Maryhill Road were of a coarse nature, and there was some basic discussion about the merits of my skins shorts on Queen Margaret Drive. Luckily I have learnt not to respond and have trained hard enough, abstained from nicotine and alco pops that I can keep one step ahead (literally) of the audience.

If nothing else it helps to keep the pace up and the focus present.

I was feeling the effects of last nights yoga class. (everywhere) but I could also feel the difference it is starting to make. My core is starting to strengthen up and I feel much more solid in my running. Still a way to go though. All the flats and downhills were 7 30-8mm but I am still loosing time on the inclines.


Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Restoring Sanity

Just ran last keep my sanity!

Couldn't face any of the usual 3 milers so just drove up to Mugdock and just ran, no plan, no ipod, no Garmin, no noise.

I just ran for 30 mins. Felt great. Relaxed and easy.

There was a light drizzle and it was lovely, calm and peaceful.

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Virtual Mile

I came across the idea of a virtual race when I found the blog site of Non-runner Nancy. I was too late to participate in the '8 on the 8th' This is the latest though.

Think I will give it a bash...even though I've been practicing all these kilometers!!

You can check out the rules and 'how to' at here

Never run a mile rep all out though. Not sure what my target should be!! 7mins!?

Hard Reps

Got up this morning full of enthusiasm at the prospect of doing 1000m reps, NOT.

Still I did them. The weather was perfect, dull and drizzly.

If reps aren't hard then I guess you're not trying hard enough. At the end of every one I find myself thinking...that's enough! that 'ill do'! Time for a coffee! But after the 230m recovery walk back the beginning (the loch is 770m round) I have usually recovered enough to give it another bash!

The thing to remember about reps is you feel great when they're over;-)

5 x 1000m 4:15, 4:13, 4:17, 4:16, 4:14.

Sunday, 24 August 2008

Trundling along

It was an 'easy week' this week. That still means the long run is long....just not as long! I had a bit of a headache and wasn't really up for it, I was procrastinating over the route, finally Jeremy suggested that I take my phone and he would come and pick me up. Opening up a bit more freedom with the route.

So I finally got out of the door.

I ran down the wedge and along into Milngavie, from there I ran along the whw but cut off up the steps into Mugdock. I did a couple of laps of the park then headed down the ridge to rejoin the whw.

I followed it and went a mile the other side of the Beech trees before returning to be picked up at the pub.

It was a trundling run, never quite got into it but I did take a few snaps!


Saturday, 23 August 2008


Ran six in 49:48.That's it!

Friday, 22 August 2008

Running and talking

I never usually run on Fridays. It's my official day off.

Then Rory my eldest son asked me to go out for a recovery run with him. How could I refuse.

It was really good to run with him. He is usually a boy of few words, not unusual for an 11 year old (we had a conversation about 'monosyllable answers' just yesterday!) but the running seemed to shake a few words out of him.

Maybe there will be more mum-son runs to come!

We ran down through the wedge past Mac Donalds onto Milngavie Rd through Lennox park round Tesco and the railway station back alond Strathblane Rd, rugby club and back up the wedge.


Thursday, 21 August 2008

Irvine Marymass 10k

I did the Irvine Marymass 10k road race yesterday.

It is over a year since I did a 10k and decided it was about time to blow the cobwebs away and see how I would do! I had talked my friend Colin into taking part also so we headed down the M77 togther.

I did Irvine 2 years ago and really enjoyed it. It is known as a flat course but there's plenty of little slopes and inclines to keep you on your toes!

It was a lovely evening 17 degrees with a light wind. Arran was looking fabulously mysterious in the misty cloud, that was veiling it, showing through in slate greys and blues.

It turned out to be a good reminder as to 'how not to' race!!

I started way to fast and without sufficient warm up...just a wee jog. I allowed myself to be pulled along with the crowd, as a result by the end of the first k I could feel my calves siezing up. The whole middle section was painful with cramp in my calves. This was not my race plan!!

I also realised how tense I had become, shoulders were up and everything felt tight.

I concentrated on relaxing and breathing and gradually as we u turned at the farthest point I began to regain control of the run-and my pace!! By the last couple of k's I was settling into the run quite comfortably, though not that I was taking it easy!!

The last k is so stretches along the harbour and you can see the finish-it looks so close-but it's not, it goes on and on and on! I did manage to pick off a few runners in that last stretch but there was a girl who I had been closing in on for the last 4 k's. I managed to get neck and neck with her but she gave it a last kick and pulled away in the final 100 meters. It's these things that keep you going;-)

Next time!

Official results not up yet but I timed it at 46:14
splits: 4:23, 4:33, 4:48, 4:49, 4:43, 4:42, 4:45,4:43, 4:30, 4:15.

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Drowned Rats

With the schools being back the junior section was bursting at the seams again tonight.

It was pouring with rain and the kids often loose fitness through the summer so I took my pack out for a gentle 3m run along the canal and back. It gave them all chance to chat and catch up with each other.

I love running in the rain and despite claims to the contrary the kids seem to love going home like drowned rats too!

Monday, 18 August 2008

The advantages of not being a high sided vehicle

I think I was putting off my long run this week. I was a wee bit worried that my legs just weren't going to hold up to the distance. I then ummed and ahhed over the route until finally I managed to get out of the door!
I started out up Stockiemuir and felt surprisingly good. Legs felt ok and I began to feel more confident.

For a complete change I ran out along Drymen Rd through Hardgate and Duntocher. At this point I was still planning the route! I thought about heading back down the Great Western Rd, or Going down through Clydebank and along Dumbarton Rd but decided on the Erskine Bridge. I have not run over it before. I had an idea it was about 5 miles away....knowing that the Clyde tunnel is 5 miles away too I figured the distance the other side of the Clyde must be 10? A neat 20miler?!

I marvelled at the view and avoided being blown off the bridge-one of the advantages of not being a high sided vehicle.

As i got to the other side I realised my plan was a bit off as the bridge itself is a mile long...I also realised that the only road or route I know on that side of the river is the M8 (OK for high sided vehicles)

So I did a u-turn (another advantage as HSV's aren't allowed to do that on dual carriageways) & ran back over and appreciated the view again.

I then dropped down and ran through Glen Lusset (a teeny little green glen beneath the concrete bridge supports) along the road a bit to join up with the canal.

Back on familiar ground I ran along the canal, making a new plan to join the Kelvin at Maryhill and follow it back to Garscube then home...I think that would have made the mileage but as I was coming along the canal I realised that my time was out and I would have to cut the run short to be home for the kids at 3. I cut up at Next Generation onto the switchback and made my way back via Canniesburn,Milngavie Rd, Kilmardinny Stockiemuir Ave.

I had forgotten to take my water with me, left it on the kitchen counter (duh), so it was a test for the SiS gels to see if they really do hydrate as they claim....the answer...I need the water too. I think that if I had done the full 20 I would have had to stop and beg some water from somewhere...I was so thirsty by the time I got home. Probably wouldn't have made the distance I did without the gels though!

It was not a very fast run but my legs were fine and held up well to the distance.


Sunday, 17 August 2008

Plaque Pics!!

I wouldn't usually post pics of medals and plaques but the Manx ones are great. Check them out!!

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Saturday six

Ran 6 reasonable steady. The band has a gig tonight and so I made my milage by running to help set up at Killermont Bowling Club. As it turned out it was there open day and the only band member there when I arrived was lead singer Ewan who had managed to volunteer himself as the 'wet sponge' man! It was worth the run down there just to see the 'sponging' take place!!

Drymen,Maryhill to Arnold Clark, Round the back road past Killermont Bowling Club, round the houses and then back up Milngavie Rd, Kilmardinny Loch and Home.


Thursday, 14 August 2008

Training Ten

Didn't manage to fit a run in yesterday. Today I took advantage of the fact that Lucie and Cody were occupied with a 'Pony Day' (that's where you pay lots of money for your kids to learn 'Stable Management'-cleaning up Horse S*** to you and I) and went out for the planned 10m.

I did feel tired today, legs were working but really felt the pull on the hills. I don't think I could have gone any faster!!

Route:- Drymen, Maryhill Rd, Queen Mgt Drive, Grt Western Rd, Switchback, Drymen, Ski Club home)


Tuesday, 12 August 2008

4m recovery

ran 4 Recovery, Usual route. Legs felt ok and not too tired.


Monday, 11 August 2008

Race Report

Well I am back. I just barely survived though!!

The IOM half was just about the toughest race I have ever done!!

We had driven round the course the night before and I had been relieved to find that after the 'hill' at 4 miles it was indeed undulating downwards back to Ramsey!

As it turned out the first 4 miles were the best. The weather seemed ok at the start, overcast with the hint of rain. We set off along the prom and up the first hill!

I am not sure when the first rain started, but I didn't mind that, it was refreshing. I puffed and panted up a few hills toll we reached the 'killer hill' at Bride. Still I felt I kept going planning to make up the lost time on the long undulating route back.......

As we turned back towards Andreas the wind had other plans. For the next 5 miles I felt like a rag doll being tossed about in the wind, it was battering me from all directions (except behind!) and it was a tussle to propel myself forwards let alone with any speed. I could see Roberts Garscube top ahead, he was doing well and still looked strong as I began to loose the fight with the wind.

Only just managing to hang in there I turned onto St Judes road, which in the car looked flat. It turned out to be a Drymen rd type of flat with extra hills and ramps to punish the already tired legs!

At this point it felt like everyone in the whole race was overtaking me and I was completely powerless to react!! What's more the sun came out!!(you know how I love that!)So by the time I got to the stadium I felt like I had experienced all seasons and looked like a scarecrow as a result of the multi direction wind.I don't think I fooled anyone by my attempts at a 'strong finish'.

Usually when I do a race I manage to get a pace and fall in with similar ability runners, in this race everyone was everywhere!!

I ended up with a time of 1:49:52. It was a lot slower than I had hoped for but given the course and the weather an average of 8:20mm wasn't too bad. I was further buoyed when I discovered I was 13th woman overall and 3rd in my a 3rd place plaque for the shelf:-) I guess everyone was finding it tough.

It was a great training session too and plenty to draw upon in the tough moments of the marathon!!

Robert did really well with an official time of 1:46 54th overall and 4th in his category.

Just to be sure I haven't put anyone off the race was really well organised, the scenery brilliant, the Manx friendly AND there is a fantastic spread at the end where everyone compares their experience;-)

Me in the very flattering race tee-shirt!

Saturday, 9 August 2008

Prep for the IOM HAlf

The Isle of Man is a small Island only 26 niles long. It's very hilly and windy. The Manx walk at a 45 degree angle, even on the rare occasions it's not windy!

The forecast is wet and windy. I am assured it is the flatest route they could come up with so nothing too scary in the profile!

Off to catch my flight now.

Thursday, 7 August 2008


Didn't manage to fit a run in today, but I did return to yoga.

Had a great session with Jo. Feeling all calm and in control by the end of the session. Then we shared a bottle of wine:-)

Wednesday, 6 August 2008


Did 3 mile recovery run tonight. Usual route, in the rain, quite cold. Perfect climate for me!


Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Running to Jump City

Time was tight today. With the children off school and the junior section coaching, I had to meet the band, (Jump City) at the Rehearsal Studios in town from 9-12 (Yes we are actually practicing for the Renfrew Ferry Gig!!) The only way I could see to fit anything in was to run to band practice.

When I got home from the club at 7 45pm Jeremy had made a fantastic supper which smelt divine and was torture, I was tempted just to eat and drive to practice in a civilised fashion....but I didn't. I took the risk with the Tupperware, filled it to the brim, taped it up and put it in my camel back.

I really do not like running with a back pack on, but knowing that the only options for food at the studios is vending machine chicken soup, I strapped it on, set my ipod onto the Jump City Playlist, and headed out.

I have been stretching (I think Stephens stretch is magic, see comments on last post), massaging, icing, rolling and I was hopeful that my legs would be recovered enough that I could get into Glasgow swiftly as I didn't manage to leave till 8.10pm.

I always like to run from A-B, it is much easier psychologically!! I set off cautiously, by the time I got to Broomhill I felt great and relieved that my knees and hips weren't complaining. Slight tenderness in my thigh but nothing to worry about.:-)

I wasn't exactly hammering along but I had a good smooth steady run and felt great by the time I got to the Clyde. The light was fading and all the lights along the river the bridges, science centre, Hotels and TV buildings were reflecting off the rippling water. Glasgow was looking as good as any city. What a great reward at the end of a great run.

I may yet manage to run the iom half on Sunday! :-)

Oh and by the dinner arrived well mixed but un-spilt...and tasted even better for the journey!!

Route, Home-Drymen-Switchback-Anniesland-Crow Rd-Expressway-Clyde cycle path-Lancefield St

6.8m-56:34 average 8:19mm

Monday, 4 August 2008

IT Grief!

Did a 3 mile recovery, really slow, as my left knee is still sore after yesterday's run. I felt it was better to get it moving rather than to take the day off and let it stiffen up. It was OK for about 2.5m but then the discomfort started to creep in so I walked the rest not wanting to make it worse.

Iced and rolled it when I got back.

Hope it was the right decision.

Sunday, 3 August 2008

Wahoo! 20 and still standing!

Wahoo! Got the first 20 miler under my belt this morning:-)

It was a bit of a shock to the legs as it's been a while!! I won't lie- I did struggle and it was very painful. I seem to be having trouble with both IT bands from 17 miles onwards, more rolling in order me thinks!

Ran with Robert from Bishopbriggs out along the Canal through Twechar and onwards. I really like this section of the canal and it is one of my favourite 20 mile runs...partly as you can just relax into the run and appreciate the fresh air, barges, swans, surroundings and so on without the distraction of traffic.

I had planned to get some pictures but by the time we had finished I didn't have the strength to lift the camera!!

Time was 2:58 so not great but all I was bothered about was getting the distance in!! Will hope to improve time on the next one!!!

Saturday, 2 August 2008

Walk Break!!

Just ran 5 miles along the west highland way.

Am still having problems getting my breathing right, I actually took a walk break after a couple of miles to see if I could sort it. By the end of the 5 miles I was feeling a lot better though. It's just those first 2/3 miles.

My Garmin was not charged as I haven't found it's 'dock' since getting back from France so no stats. It's always quite relaxing to run without, I will need to dig it out today as it's a 20 miler tomorrow though!!

It was good to be on the west highland way again. There was lots of foot traffic. Plenty of groups off to tackle the 95 miles and midges!

5m easy