Sunday, 19 April 2009

Cochno by Day.

This morning I met Karen and Robert for a hill run up Cochno...normally only attempted in the middle of winter with sleet and snow and added bonus!

By complete contrast it was a beautiful day and the mud was even limited!

It was a good relaxed run..although my lungs were pretty surprised to be climbing again after a few weeks break and boy did they let me know! We had quite a few short walk breaks and did a bit of exploring, the views over Glasgow and Erskine were brilliant.
The good news is I found my garmin cradle ..after the run!

Week 9 runs

Wednesday-3.5m along the beach with Lynn. Fresh!
Thursday-decided to run along the coast to North Berwick and back. Skipped tea and set off at 6pm, it was pretty misty.

I had to run towards Gullane beach to get around the Golf course then hit the trail that led in the direction of N Berwick. This was an exploration and I had a vague notion that I should at some point meet up with the John Muir Way.

About 35 mins into the run I came upon a choice of thick gorse high fences and undergrowth or turning round...obviously I chose the first option and fought my way over two high fences and combat with foliage....then it became totally impassable and so reluctantly turned round. As I emerged out of the thicket I caught sight of a wee winding path leading down to the I took that.

It led me to a beautiful small cove -I was then able to follow it along to yellow craigs beach.

The mist made the run very atmospheric. I felt like I was miles from anywhere surrounded by the bright silver grey tones of the sea mist contrasted with the dark slate rocks and golden sand..I was sorry I didn't have my phone to record it.

As I ran I was surrounded at times by Little Terns, seagulls and big black crows who contrasted with the grey seascape.

I made it round the coast to North Berwick in 1h 15mins without coming across the John Muir Way until I actually hit the town! I followed the signs back which led me back along the road???!!!!

Anyway, it was only 40 mins back to Gullane.

I have no definite idea of distance as I have misplaced my garmin cradle-can't charge it! But it's about 4.5-5m along the road to Gullane maybe a little more to the harbour which is where I ran to. Of course the coastal route will be longer! Now I know the route I will try it again with camera!

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Paid for this?

Week 9 complete. The last exam complete....yeeeeeha!

RTC week was great. Where else do you get paid to smash windows and cut up cars? Loved this week and can't wait to get at a few more vehicles in scenario week. (11)

As images of cutting equipment and broken glass is probably not as exciting as the actual practice I will refrain from posting them. But on a fire fighter theme I am posting this...can you believe he did this?

Next week back to pumps and ladders....oh and did I mention the Sponsored ladder climb next Thursday? Thanks so much to all those who have sponsored Bravo Squad so far...the rest of you stop being so tight and do it now!

Special for the Subversive Photographer...

This is a special post for subversive runner so that he knows what NOT to do next week given his self confessed virgin status! you will need to click on the picture to get the full story

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Pleasant 12 & why you should never make assumptions

Had a lovely run with Robert and Karen this morning.
Ran from the Kirkhouse Inn in Strathblane along the pipeline to Killearn, dropped down to the WHW and returned that way.

Although it was slightly cloudy it was a great day and perfect running conditions. The mud on the way back made navigating the forest trail a little more taxing..each step almost sucking my shoes off!

12m -1:56

A little ditty for your amusement...!

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Week 8

This week I was on Community Fire Safety. This involved a few lectures and then the preparation and delivery of a presentation entitled 'Would you get out alive?' As I am sure you are all up to scratch on this I will not go into detail but am willing to answer 'any relevant questions'!

Thursday and Friday were spent going over ladder drills and pump drills-blowing the cobwebs away.

Check out this little gem...and imagine the height of Everest.

or this

Ok I can't lie. Health and safety now a days would never let us get away with such exploits..!

Next week RTC.

North Berwick Law..and a bit of running

This week I managed to get out running along the beach, it's brilliant now the light nights have arrived.

Monday: Usual 3 with Lynn
Tuesday: 4.2m out and back along the beach with Johnny..Lynn struck down by bug
Wednesday: Briskly walked up North Berwick Law, see pictures.
Thursday: 4.5m along the beach with Johnny.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

New Territory!

After a busy week and late nights I really didn't want to run early. And so I stayed in bed only getting up when I was ready.
I then set out to meet another 'late' runner, my friend Karen, with the 'late' plan to run an easy 10.

Now when you run a lot it's hard to find new areas to run, and so when a friend suggests something new it's a good thing. And so when Karen suggested we run the old railway line from Strathblane to Kilsyth then cut off and run up into the as yet uninvestigated forrest...and investigate...I was happy to give it a try.
I was totally knackered and the first 4 miles felt long. We headed UP into the unknown. And up and up where we reached a T junction. I soon realised that I had approached this intersection from the Tower road end during another experimental run last May! We decided it was turning point and headed back making for a 10 mile route.

It wasn't that different but we have now got plans to investigate the surrounding woodlands and forests that lead off this route.

By the end of the run my legs were unsure what to make of the distance...not so long a go they would have classed it as a 'short' long run but having cut the mileage right back they were a bit shocked not to stop at 6-7!

Karen had brought salvation in the form of a flask of the BEST coffee ever, dark lindt chocolate and a banana...oh joy!

Karen relaxing after a lovely run

Just want to say well done to Ann and Theresa who both ran really well in the Paris Marathon today. 3:48 for Theresa and 3:50 for Ann. x


Saturday, 4 April 2009

Week 7 already! (& a night at the museum)

This week was a bit of a change as it was spent in the company of Duradiamond trainers Gary and Sue. Both brilliant and funny (ha ha) tutors in the skills required for FPOS (First Person On Scene). I think I am getting used to the feeling of total information overload but I don't think I will ever get used to the feeling at the end of the week when I manage to regurgitate it (to my own amazement) for assessments and tests. What's more, & a relief for the public I may be let loose on, is that I believe I will remember it too!

In practice for night shifts I had agreed to take the kids to GSC for the 'moon watch sleepover' last night. A rather surreal experience in which a load of kids and parents/cub leaders arrived at 18:30, and then weren't allowed out till 08:00 the next morning.

The programme of events included planetarium shows, skype link ups with USA and Australian school kids and a few explosions under the guise of science...not to forget the death of Humphrey the stunt potato! I lasted till 01:30. The kids all made it to their sleeping bags before I woke at 6.30! Here's some pictures from breakfast!

yes keen blogspotters that is 'Superfit Dave' of hill running fame!

If you're still reading I am posting for your entertainment this little number from Baz. Don't know how I missed it in '99..must have been spending too much time listening to colourstrings and Mozart so my babies would grow up to be had they been listening to this.....

Bravo Squad -1

Bravo Squad -1

As promised I grabbed the opportunity to get a squad shot while out revising ladder drills on Monday night. Unfortunately we were down one (Graham due to dental emergency!) but 9 out of 10 isn't bad. Can you spot me?

Here is the other promised shot which I am hoping you are all waiting for before donating tons of cash to the cause!

Warm enough for shorts!

This weeks exercise consisted of:
Monday-ladder drills

Tuesday-Volleyball followed 3 mile run
Discovered I am totally hopeless at Volleyball, ball made of stone and got massive bruise on 'serving' arm to prove it!
Wednesday-Pump drills followed by 3 mile run
Relaxed run with Lynn
Thursday- 6.5 mile run.

Skipped tea and did the 4.6 mile loop but extended it by a visit to the beach and ran full length then back over the dunes to college. It was the most amazing day with a lot of heat...felt like France in the middle of June! There were kids and adults in the sea even though it was 18:30 and if I hadn't been keen to keep running I would have been in there too! Was pleased with an average of 8min miles. Here's some pics from the run.

Towards North BerwickBack towards Gullane and the the towers!Ahhh the sea!