Friday, 27 February 2009

Ever been run over by a bus?

Week 2 complete. I feel as though I have been run over by a bus....a few times! Monday was not to bad with the only real physical being the circuits session on the Monday night. Tried to make sure I reserved a little energy for what was to come on Tues...Hose running.

As I had not done this before it took me a while to get the knack, after a whole afternoon of rolling the hose out and rolling it in again I was pretty gubbed, as were most of my squad. I am sure I was actually dreaming about hoses chasing me with little evil faces on Tuesday night! (No drugs needed)

The week flew in with a whole day learning pump drills and a whole day doing ladder drills ending with only one lecture on Friday afternoon. There's no room for recovery days or time for injury so I just hope that I stay fit for what's still to come. I am sure that the whole of Gullane could smell the deep heat eminating from the campus!

Best part of the week was pitching the 13.5m ladder and climbing it to the 3rd floor, worst was struggling to lower the bloody thing, the rope just wanted to slip straight through my gloves- so guess what I'm doing this weekend....squeezing tennis balls!

Running wise...apart from the full on continual upper body work and running round the college with ladders I only managed 2 short runs with Lynn. Both about 3.25m. Couldn't persuade her to to venture away from the streetlights even with my head lamp so the beach remains a distant sound in the darkness!

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Easy Sunday Morning

I met Robert for a leisurely run this morning. As Clober Car park is closed for 10 wks due to the bridge being upgraded we met at the clock in Milngavie and ran out along the whw. We opted for the golf club route and then did a loop of the Carbeth huts before heading up the 'ridge' into Mugdock. We descended the steps back to Milngavie. It was an ok morning 0 degrees and only light drizzle as we finished.

Looking down onto the Carbeth huts and the West Highland Way.

Coming through the Stock fields at Mugdock. My favourite wall!

me posing in my skins (post run) as requested by 'She who Makes Waves'

Distance 9m-1:31

Week total- 25.96
Year total- 168.50

ooooh just wanted to say a huge well done to my pal Andrea who completed Blackpool Half marathon today. It was a big achievement in tough conditions! x

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Shop and Go

Colin was heading out for 3 miles easy in prep for his long run tomorrow so i joined him then added another three on the end.

He was required by his missus to nip into Asda for cheese and oil en route and so we did the Asda route. Not sure what went through the security guards mind as we ran out goods in hand but he chose not to make chase...only does that for cases of stella. Consideration should be taken by the readers that the second half of the first three miles was done carrying a bottle of oil...

I did the Tesco loop myself picking up the pace a little and resisting the urge to shop in Tesco as I ran by!

6.2m- 56.08
K splits: 5.45,5.30,5.58,6.06,5.50,5.09,5.20,5.32,5.23,5.23

One down-11 to go!!

Well I am back- having survived my first week of Gullane. It was a very intensive week of sitting in lectures and having lots of information thrown out..only to be expected to regurgitate it in a written test on Friday. Glad to say that with the help of a few mnemonics I did manage to do so with sufficient success as to be allowed to return next week!

I was lucky enough to be allocated a room next to Lynne...another runner and so we managed to get out and run around the street lit areas of Gullane. They are not many and so we did them quite a lot despite low mileage-that was simply due to the time restrictions.

The only night I didn't make it out was Tues as my squad was on duty and therefore not allowed out!

And so I have settled with relative ease into a life where:

* all meals are cooked for me-and they're very good!
* No washing up
* Only myself to pick up after.
* My day is planned to the last second (although I rarely have to do more than one thing at once!)
* I have a curfew...and a lights out time. (It's been a while since I had one of those!)

Next week I will take my head lamp then Lynne and I will be able to roam the wilds of Gullanes surrounding areas! The beach and countryside.

Not sure how much running I will manage as I have heard groans at the mention of Hose Tuesday and shudders at the words 'ladder lifts'. All coming in the next six days. Oh then theres the 'optional' (yeah right like I'm going to be the only one who wimps out)circuits on Monday night.

Mon 3.25m
Wednesday 4.5m
Thursday 3m

Saturday, 14 February 2009

First run of the week.

Just in avoid it being a nil miles week I managed to get out for a 3 mile run. Just to see if I could still do it.

Chest is still a bit raspey but the fresh air was good and the ipod uncannily selecting an accompaniment suitable for Valentines day...shuffling the songs to end with the great Barry White. I dedicate it to you all!

I also tried out my most sporty of birthday presents...full length skins. Hardly needed for a 3 miler I know but I just couldn't wait to try them out- after all feeling a bit like cat woman is bound to make me run lighter and faster despite injuries and cold!


Thursday, 12 February 2009

What's new!

I have had a rotten cold all week...did yoga on Tuesday. coughed and spluttered my way through Wednesday and today I started my new grown up job!

Hope to run tomorrow if I survive the 'parade'. Off to bull my shoes!

Friday, 6 February 2009

Well worth a wee tweak!

It was a glorious day today. -3 blue skies, snow on the mountains. I was glad that I had decided to break my Friday rest day rule and meet up with Karen for a run. I picked her up, sort of expecting a 6/7 mile run but she had other plans!

As you know I haven't run more than 8 miles since I fell but on the understanding that i was gonna be slow we embarked on an 11.5mile run..this is roughly the route.Karen and I at the base of Dumgoyne.

We did take it slow, enjoying the sound of the crunching ice and the fantastic scenery. We ran past the base of Dumgoyne along the pipeline from Strathblane. We hit the road for a small stretch at Killearn before picking up the west highland way...yes the bit with all the gates) back past the Beech trees pub. We carried on along the railway line back to Strathblane, passing, and getting a sneaky glimpse of the lovely Duntreath Castle on the way. Looking back towards Dumgoyne from the railway line.

It was a great route. Unfortunately despite being careful with the ice I managed to tweak my back in the last mile. The railway being particularly bad for ice and snow. It feels fine now though and I am delighted it stood up to the 11.5m. Helped along with lots of chat naturally.

Unfortunately there was no room in the deli cafe so we had to skip the coffee today. I am sure we could have found more to chat time;-)

Thursday, 5 February 2009

More easy

I didn't feel up to the hill run tonight. Despite being desperate to try the new shoes I feel I need at least one run where the back isn't an issue before tackling the uneven terrain of the Kilpatricks!

I ended up doing an easy run with Robert, Tesco loop up to Bearsden Cross and back along Gartconnel. It was slow partly due to the injury and partly due to the ice.

4.35m 42mins

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

A little better

Did 3.6 with the kids last night. Tonight I nipped out for a 3 mile loop past Tesco. Back still uncomfortable when running but every day it's a little better..It was snowing tonight so I was being extra careful and wore my solomons despite sticking to the roads

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Slow 8

Did 8 along the Canal this morning, starting from Westerton train station out towards Clydebank and back.

Just about managed the 8 very slowly.

It was very cold, seemingly still on the way out, turning I discovered that there was a pretty chilly constant wind which made the return feel much harder and colder.

Pretty uneventful, although, I did see a beautiful Gannet preening itself on the canal banks.

8m-v slow!
week total 18m
year total: 115.09m