Friday, 26 September 2008

Here I am

Well here I am in Berlin. Back in the hotel nice and early for a good nights rest! It has been a long day. traveling always seems to take so much out of you!

we got to the hotel at about 5pm having set off at 9am.

I had a quick cuppa then out to find the expo which took another age.

It was huge! Took me ages to find the registration but I did find fellow Garscuber Anne and her husband. We sat and had pasta before trekking back.

Have arranged to meet Anne for an easy run round Tiergarten park tomorrow mmorning which will be nice.

Phew. Maybe get chance to soak a bit of Berlin up tomorrow.

Wednesday, 24 September 2008


Not much I can do now before Sunday so just did easy 3 along the West Highland Way to try and get the legs used to moving again!

Tuesday, 23 September 2008


After a week of not running I just ran with the kids session tonight. We ran up to Dawshome park and did a loop of it.

Right in the middle of the park is a dip with big steps down and big steps up. Perfect for some hopping reps. After the kids had done them (expertly I may add) we ran back.

No problems with my shoulder and neck although it is still tender.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Yoga and Kids

Neck and shoulder still sore. Decided best to keep it moving so went to yoga.

Had a good class but took it easy trying to stretch and straighten the stiffness.

At the junior training I decided on a session we had not done for a while that Jude had come up with a year or two ago.

We went the long way down (through the forest) to Dawsholme hill near the dump. Then timed the kids running up for 25 seconds whereupon I blow the whistle and they turn and run back down.

The idea is that they cross the start/finish line at 50 seconds therefore taking same time up and down. They also count their footfalls to try and match their strides up and down. It is a good alternative hill session where the emphasis is not on an all out effort but a 'thinking steady effort'. Anyone who has run a race knows how hard it can be to think with a few miles in the bag! It's also good to see their faces when they realise that it is really hard to run DOWN the hill as fast as they can run UP it!

All in all I ran about 3 miles with the kids but then due to meetings didn't manage further run.

Monday, 15 September 2008

Mon 3.28

Extra slow recovery today. Must have slept in a draft and woke with a sore neck/shoulder.


Sunday, 14 September 2008

Working up a thirst.

Cody took part in the Aquathon at the Allander today. He did really well coming 3rd in his age group...considering he was second last out of the pool!! Another great event organised by Jude on behalf of the Glasgow Tri club

If we could just get his swimming up to scratch!

I ran at 10:45 with Colin who is keen to start upping his miles! It was a good day, quite warm and the sun shone a little.

We ran out towards the Erskine Bridge then cut in through a passageway that appeared before us enticing us to be adventurous. Turned out to be a cut through Dalmuir Golf course. We followed our noses till we hit the canal in Clydebank, recognising sections of the Balloch - Clydebank half. We then followed the canal, picked up the kelvin and headed towards the park.

The goal distance was 13m but we reached this distance before even getting to the Kelvin grove park. We were heading into the St Enoch area to pick up Colin's car that had been abandoned the night before!

We ran on till 14 miles which was well into the park then we walked/jogged/warmed down our way into the city centre.

We popped into the above named spot to book a table (birthday tea for C's wife Val next week) and got a water refill at the same time. How we both wanted our water bottles filled with beer!!
Made me wonder 'when did I stop carrying just in case £ with me?' (true that it was 'just in case I need a taxi' NOT beer!)

Did the 14 at a chatting pace then another 1.5m warming down (and longing for a beer!)


Saturday, 13 September 2008

Backwards 3

Just in from my usual 3 but I did it backwards.

This is fine but it does mean coming up Mosshead Rd hill at the end.

As it wasn't a recovery I put the pedal down a bit and surprised myself with a half decent pace! Felt quite good except for the huge chocolate I had eaten half an hour before heading out. I could feel it digesting (or not) all the way round!


Thursday, 11 September 2008

Garscube 6.25

Met Jude for a run this morning. We ran and chatted (well she did-I gasped for breath in between sentences!)

We met at Garscube and ran down Canniesburn rd, onto the canal, onto the kelvin walkway and back to Garscube.

6.25m-52 mins

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Jump City at the Ferry!

The Sound Check

The Gig

Duncans glittery pink skirt!!

Fun (boys) 3

Did recovery run with Colin,Rory and Rebbecca. The 'boys' had much fun splashing in the puddles while Rebbecca and I remained sensible and alert to the hazards of the streets;-)

It was a fun 3 that passed quickly!


Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Yoga, Kids then Six

Started the day with Jo's yoga class up at the ski club. There were 8 of us in the class. I had thought that the group class would be 'easier' than the 1-2-1 as I though I would get away with more. It was a bit less intense but I found that I was still putting in Max effort as I was trying to keep up with the rest of the class!

Leaving Lucie behind with Jeremy as she still hasn't kicked the cough. I headed off to the kids session.

Just to make sure that they know the holidays are over I took my pack down to the hills at Murrayfield. A hill session they love to complain about! They did really well completing 2 sets of 4 and all had a healthy glow by the time we returned them to their parents!

I then set out for my own run when home. Managed to pick up Colin on the way and we did 6.2. It was dark but not cold and we had a good run.

The route took us through Lennox Park and Kilmardinny which was pitch black so we had to take those sections pretty slow!

Mosshead Rd, Milngavie Rd, Lennox Park, Tesco, Milngavie Rd, Canniesburn, Drymen, Manse, Thompson. Kilmardinny Loch, Stockiemuir.

6.2m- 52mins

Monday, 8 September 2008


Ran a 3m recovery with Colin who did the 10k yesterday. I guess I sort of did a 5k!!

Great Scottish Run Photo's

Sorry to anyone I didn't were obviously going too fast!!

Sunday, 7 September 2008

"Sometimes you have to get worse before you can get better"

Tom Watson

It was brilliant conditions for the Glasgow half today. The masses were out in all shapes and sizes.

I was psyched up and ready for the race.

Started well, felt strong, I was hitting my goal pace.

At 3 miles in I got the most horrendous stich. (not something I have suffered from before) I stopped and stretched a few times, tried a really slow jog for about a mile but I could not shift it. I had started to feel dizzy and sick by this time and so for the first time ever I pulled out of the race. I walked back to Glasgow Green. It took me the whole walk back before the pain started to subside. I think I had just expected a bit too much of myself these last couple of weeks and it was just a step too far.

The great part was that I got to watch the others finishing . For the first time ever I was at the end to see the awesome scene as the winners cruised in. What a sight! The power and speed after running 13m is amazing!

Following that there were a few great performances from other Garscubers and Kelvin Runners. They were all very supportive when they saw I was in trouble. A huge thanks and well done goes out to them.

I have some pics of fellow Garscubers which I will post later.

I am sure I made the right decision to pull out as I slept for 3 hours when I got home and really didn't feel that good. Hopefully this will be a bad dress rehersal for a great Marathon!! I am under no allusion that I be close to my 2007 pb but I will be out to enjoy it and take in Berlin without too much pressure!! There's always another race around the corner after all! it was just a very expensive t-shirt as one of my friends said!!

Thursday, 4 September 2008


Well I have had a real humdinger of a week running wise. My daughter Lucie has been ill. (admittedly she has had a bad week too!) I have had band practice every night and I have not had chance to run.

I missed my first group yoga class on Tuesday which was a huge disappointment though.

Gradually as the week has flown by I have promised myself moments and gaps where I could fit in a run but it was not to be.

Jo used her yogi power and sensed I needed saving. She came round to the house this morning to do a yoga session with me here. I didn't quite manage to achieve the calm relaxed environment she affords me at hers but I did eventually find the matches to light a candle. Invoking calm of sorts!

Don't be daft I can't do this yet but when I can I will show you!

It was great and helped to alleviate the cabin/inactivity fever that was welling up inside!

Given that the gig is tomorrow we ran through all the songs, and left the studios early with an 'it'll be alright on the night' (nerves are building for the BIG gig.) We have sold in excess of 350 tickets which is great. We also had a top spot in the Bearsden and Milngavie Herald' (FAME!!)

Jump City
Grant, Colin, Ewan, Me, Duncan and Alistair (Greg the drummer missing)

Anyway back to the running!!

I got back at 9 and recruited Colin for a wee run....freedom (yes one of my songs;-))

We ran and chatted and enjoyed the clear night air. it was so good to run I was beginning to fret over my missed runs and declining state of mind!! It is a bit crazy the way that was only two days since my last run. (runners anonymous)

Easy to say now that I have run.....!


Monday, 1 September 2008


Well the arms are still a little tender. I am sure they will be back in action for tomorrows yoga class with Jo ...This is the first of her new group yoga classes which she is just starting up.Can't wait.

I did 3 to shake out my aching limbs and get them primed for the rest of the weeks training. Legs are on the mend!!