Saturday, 15 May 2010

This weeks runs

Still plodding in the guise of recovery this week...last weekend I had the pleasure of being accompanied by Craig, he was visiting from Canada, a seasoned marathon and half marathon runner, and a friend of my much missed pal Lesley who emigrated a few years back. I took him out along the west highland way (where else) for an easy 6m and then back to mine for a BBQ with his wife Alison and Daughter Amanda.

On Tuesday I helped out at the club team race, brilliant turn out. 103 finishers...102 times..glad its up to Robert to sort that out!

I popped out for a three miler and a four miler through the week, both felt harder and heavier than they should have..and I've a few wee niggles in my left foot still.I know it's probably just cause my legs are still a bit tired. Today I met Robert and Karen for a wee 4 miler.

I'm informed that hard training for the 5k begins 7th June...better enjoy the lull before then eh!?


Debbie Martin-Consani said...

What 5K are you doing? Sounds like torture to me. x

Rachel Jayne Stevenson/Rogers said...

Its the Tunnel to Towers run Deb. Its what all the sponsorship is for!!! And yes it sounds like torture to me too..give me an ultra anyday!!

Alexandra said...

Oh! What part of Canada is Craig from?

I guess I am just lazy, when my legs are tired I just don't run. Good for you for staying in the game!

Colleen said...

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